Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is going to space with his brother

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, made the announcement earlier on Monday via Instagram that he and his brother Mark will travel to space on Blue Origin on July 20.Find out everything you need to know here:

Jeff Bezos interesting facts

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is going to space next month.That is correct.Bezos made the official announcement earlier on Monday that he will not be traveling alone to space in July.Mark, his brother, will accompany him on this “lifetime” journey.

When Blue Origin launches its first passenger-carrying mission next month, Bezos said he would launch into space.A few months ago, Blue Origin announced that it would begin operating its first passenger flight in July.

Jeff Bezos heading to space

Bezos shared details about his upcoming trip to space on Instagram earlier on Monday.The post referenced that Bezos will head out to space close by his sibling, Imprint.On July 20, Blue Origin will fly its first passenger-carrying flight.

Bezos wrote, “Ever since I was five years old, I’ve dreamed of traveling to space” in the official Instagram post.My brother and I will embark on that journey on July 20.The greatest adventure I’ve ever had, with my best friend,” he added to the post.

Bezos stated in the Instagram video that traveling into space has been a lifelong dream of his and that bringing his brother with him will be “meaningful.””You see the earth from space and it changes you,” Bezos said in the video.It alters your relationship with humanity and the planet.It’s just one Earth.”I’ve always wanted to take this flight because I’ve always wanted to.It’s a wild ride.It means a lot to me,” he continued.

After the capsule separates from the booster, the first passenger Blue Origin rocket will launch from nearly 100 kilometers above sea level.

At Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting, it was announced that Bezos would formally step down as CEO on July 5.The boss of Amazon’s cloud computing, Andy Jassy, will succeed Jeff Bezos as CEO.



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