Apple sells more iPads tablet in 2021 surpass those of any previous year

According to a recent Counterpoint study, Samsung’s tablet market share and Apple’s iPad sales will continue to rise in early 2021.Detailed information can be found here.

Why does Apple always launch new tablets earlier than its rivals?The response is easy:They sell.Additionally, Apple dominates the tablet market, selling more iPads than any other company in the first quarter of 2021.Samsung takes a close second place behind Apple in this race.Lenovo finishes third to complete the podium.

According to the findings of a recent Counterpoint study, Apple’s first quarter 2020 revenue increased by 53% year-over-year.The market share currently stands at 37%, which is significantly higher than the 30% recorded last year.In the same time frame, Samsung increased its share from 16% to 20%.The iPad entry-level model, which Apple refreshed in September 2020, is the primary driver of this expansion.

Apple sells more iPads in 2021 

The eighth Gen iPad is the most reasonable tablet beginning at $299 and it compensated for 56% of Mac’s portion.The iPad Air 4, with 19 percent, and the iPad Pro, with 18 percent, are the remaining major performers in the iPad market.Keep in mind that the older iPad Pro with the A12Z chip is included in this.

The new iPad Pro with the Apple M1 chip is said to have been well received, but there aren’t yet any sales due to a chip shortage.Analysts expect the M1 iPad Pro to perform well by the third quarter and final quarter of 2021.

Apple and Samsung’s gains in this market were largely attributable to the exit of some of their competitors.Concentrated efforts in specific markets were another reason.According to the report, Apple’s performance improved in all major regions despite the effect of the off-season, particularly in Japan, where sales remained at all-time highs.

Huawei and other brands lost market share to the big ones, despite Lenovo’s success in this market.Despite the fact that Apple’s iPads are among the most expensive options available in comparison to Android tablets.

this is the case.More players are entering this market this year.The Realme Pad tablet and laptop will both be available later this year, according to recent news.Initial renderings depict a design based on the iPad Pro.


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