Honor Tablet 8 launch on July 21 suggestive of the Xiaomi Pad 5

A few days after the specifications for the Honor Tablet 8 were leaked, Honor has begun teasing a new tablet on Chinese social media.The tablet’s design has been highlighted, but the company has not commented on its specifications.Interestingly, Honor’s tablet is similar to the Xiaomi Pad 5, which will soon be replaced by the Pad 6 series.

The Honor Tablet 8‘s display bezels are relatively thin, as the image above demonstrates.They, on the other hand, do not appear to be uniform and are at their thickest when they are curved around the tablet’s corners.They still appear to be about the same thickness as those on the Xiaomi Pad 5, so it’s possible that Honor underestimated their thickness based on how they look in person.The Honor Tablet 8 will have a width of 12-inches, making it slightly smaller than the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus. This serves as a point of reference.

In addition, Honor’s teasers suggest that the Tablet 8 will have a very thin metal chassis.The Honor Tablet 8 appears to only have two physical buttons, one of which is a volume rocker.Additionally, the company has included a front-facing camera on the tablet’s longer edge and a small camera housing for what may only be a single rear-facing camera.On July 21 at 19:30 CST (11:30 UTC), the Honor Tablet will go on sale in China.Before announcing the tablet, Honor is likely to confirm additional details; however, we doubt that it will announce a global launch for some time, if at all.

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