JBL Soundbars with details launched in India

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In India, JBL has introduced a brand-new line of soundbars known as the BAR series. The following models are included in the series: Bar500, Bar800, and Bar1000, Bar2.1DB_MKII. This launch comes after JBL’s PartyBox Essential party speakers were introduced to the Indian market last year.

With 300 watts, the JBL Bar2.1 Deep Bass is a compact sound bar that produces powerful sound. It can undoubtedly interface with a television through one link and furthermore play music remotely from a telephone or tablet. It has JBL Surround Sound and Dolby Digital for a better movie, sports, and music experience.

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Without the need for additional speakers or wires, the soundbar comes equipped with a wireless subwoofer and eARC HDMI for an even more immersive experience.

With a maximum power output of 590W, the JBL Bar500 is a powerful soundbar with Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound that gives you a cinematic experience in your own home. Furthermore, PureVoice innovation improves voice lucidity while the remote 10″ subwoofer conveys exact bass.

With 720W of total output power, the JBL Bar800 is a soundbar that is even more powerful. It has two up-firing drivers, Dolby Atmos, wireless detachable battery-powered rear surround speakers, and completely wireless front surround speakers. This makes it possible to enjoy an immersive 3D movie without using any additional cables.

Over 300 online music streaming services are accessible through the built-in Airplay2, Alexa, MRM, and Chromecast features of the JBL Bar500, Bar800, and Bar1000. With 880W of total output power and thunderous bass from the 10″ wireless down-firing subwoofer, the JBL Bar1000 is the most powerful of the three.

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It additionally includes MultiBeam and four up-terminating drivers – two in the bar and two in the separable battery-fueled encompass speakers – giving a vivid Dolby Atmos and DTS: X 3D surround sound experience with a large, open soundstage and no additional cables required. The JBL ONE App, which lets you personalize and adjust audio equalization, is included in all three models.

Specifications for the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass (MK2):

Modes for JBL Surround Sound and Dolby Digital; JBL-engineered 6.5″ subwoofer with 300W output power and 2 x 50W (Soundbar); HDMI Video input x 1 (subwoofer) 200W Audio inputs: 1 Bluetooth, USB, and optical (USB playback is available in the US version). USB is only for the Service in other versions.)

Cost and accessibility:

The price of the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass (MK2) is Rs. The JBL BAR 500 costs Rs. 29,999. The JBL BAR 800 costs Rs. 49,999. The JBL BAR 1000 costs Rs. 89,999. 1,09,999.

The JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass (MK2), the JBL Bar500, the JBL Bar800, and the JBL Bar1000 soundbars can now be purchased from the company’s website as well as from other retailers.

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