Apple iPhone SE 2020 usage report for six months Is it worth buying this small iPhone

Apple’s most affordable smartphone in India is the iPhone SE.An account of using the iPhone SE 2020 for six months follows.

The new iPhone SE, Apple‘s most affordable entry point into the iOS ecosystem, was released in the summer of 2020.The price of the iPhone SE decreased for the majority of 2020, eventually reaching Rs 25,000 during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale for a brief period of time.With an A13 Bionic chipset and a reduced plan, this is likewise one of the most remarkable cell phones in its cost range.

I bought an iPhone SE when Flipkart dropped the price for the first time in August 2020 because I liked the idea of it.I have used it as my primary phone ever since (with the exception of the three months I spent using the iPhone 12).Here is a look at how this iPhone SE performs on a daily basis, given that it will be around for another year.


The iPhone SE 2020 is the best example of how a compact phone can be handled.The iPhone SE is a one-handed phone that recycles the compact design of the older iPhone 8.All four corners of the display are always within reach, even with my small hands.Unlocking is made simpler by the TouchID patch, especially when wearing a face mask.Furthermore, after becoming accustomed to 200-gram beasts, handling a phone that weighs 148 grams is a luxury.

The iPhone SE also benefits from recycling the design of the iPhone 8.In the dusty conditions I encounter in Delhi NCR, the IP67 certification for water and dust resistance is always a relief.While performing an overnight battery refill, wireless charging offers additional advantages.When performing daily phone tasks, the robust haptic feedback system is another enjoyable feature.

However, not all things are fine with the iPhone SE.The phone’s use is limited in some way because of the small 4.7-inch display.It is still a display that is “big enough,” but after using phones with displays that typically measured 6.3 inches, this one feels congested.On this display, reading, watching videos, or playing games are not enjoyable.The smaller size is a disappointment despite having one of the best LCD displays available.

The iPhone SE’s battery life is also constrained by its diminutive size.If you use it a lot, you might need to fill it up quickly by the evening (assuming you leave for the day with a full battery).The new Apple 20W adapter does little to help, especially in comparison to the 30W systems that most phones at this price point offer. The 5W charging adapter that came in the box is slow.


The iPhone SE is unquestionably quick.Last year, Apple’s A13 Bionic was the best chip, and even after the iPhone 12 was released, the iPhone SE does not appear to be inferior to the majority of flagship Android devices, even after 2020.The iPhone SE can handle anything when paired with iOS 14.4.Whether you play Call of Duty:This phone can do it all without exhibiting any signs of stress, whether you’re using it for mobile or editing a 4K video in iMovie.

Picking either iOS and Android is best passed on to individual inclinations.iOS initially appears restrictive to me as a long-time Android user.This ecosystem, on the other hand, is simple to live with once you get used to it.The widgets do provide a pleasant experience on the homescreen, and the new App Library makes it simpler to hide less important applications from view.When compared to Android apps, iOS apps are certainly more dependable and have a higher level of polish.

The iPhone SE excels in the camera department as well.The 12-megapixel single rear camera on the iPhone SE matches the Pixel 4a in terms of still photography and outperforms all phones in its price range in terms of video shooting performance, despite using older hardware.Every time, even the 7-megapixel front camera system performs well.On both cameras, you can use all of the portrait lighting effects.

Unfortunately, the iPhone SE lacks a dedicated Night Mode, which limits your photography options significantly.Additionally, the absence of an ultrawide or telephoto camera is disappointing, particularly in comparison to Android phones priced similarly.

Is the iPhone SE worth buying in 2021?

The iPhone SE’s primary objective is to provide a glimpse of the iOS ecosystem in a package that functions sufficiently as a complete smartphone.The optimized performance will undoubtedly be appreciated by gamers and performance-seekers, and photographers will certainly find the iPhone SE’s cameras useful.

However, the iPhone SE’s small size is both a blessing and a curse.Despite its ease of use, the phone’s smaller display significantly restricts its use.Furthermore, the battery duration is unsuitable for a present day cell phone, particularly when you are paying upwards of Rs 30,000.

Therefore, you will enjoy using the iPhone SE 2020 if you are willing to live with its compromises.The iPhone XR or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite at a price that is comparable to that of the Note 10 Lite are better options for those seeking overall value.

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