Samsung Galaxy S21 FE accidentally confirmed by Samsung official launch

The Galaxy S21 FE was listed by accident on Samsung’s Mexican website in the Galaxy S21 advertisement.The entire report is here.

In an effort to increase sales, Samsung is currently offering multiple Galaxy S20 FE variants to us.There’s a 5G Snapdragon variation and a 4G Snapdragon variation close by the Exynos 4G variation.However, Samsung’s actual successor, the Galaxy S21 FE, appears to be ready, and the company is barely able to keep it a secret.The Galaxy S21 FE’s existence has been confirmed by a recent error made by the Mexican website of the company.

Samsung listed the phrase “Conoce más sobre Galaxy S21 FE,” which means “Learn more about the Galaxy S21FE,” by accident on its website in Mexico.The mistake was fixed quickly, but it ended up revealing the company’s plans to release this phone soon.We have leaked renders of the Galaxy S21 FE, which suggests that it is almost ready.

Galaxy S21 FE accidentally confirmed by Samsung

The previous renders gave away the impression that the design would be very similar to that of the Galaxy S21, with the same rectangular camera hump fusing into the frame.It is anticipated that the phone will have a plastic unibody construction, much like the Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S10 Lite.A flat-edged 6.4-inch AMOLED display is said to be present.

The Galaxy S21 FE‘s display is said to have a 32-megapixel selfie camera, and the phone may run on a 4500mAh battery.Whether Samsung goes with the Snapdragon 870/888 chip or the Exynos 2100 chip remains to be seen.

This year, numerous “Lite” versions of flagships have been powered by the Snapdragon 870 chip;The OnePlus 9R is a prime example because, despite having a 5G modem, the Snapdragon 870 is cheaper for phone manufacturers and provides slightly better performance than the Snapdragon 865.As a result, this may assist Samsung in maintaining the low prices of the Galaxy S21 FE.

This year, there has been intense competition in the “flagship killer” category, with several brands vying for a piece of the pie.You have choices like the OnePlus 9R, Vivo X60, Vivo X60 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11X, Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro, iQOO 7, and iQOO 7 Legend for less than Rs 50,000.The Snapdragon 888 chip is available for less money than the Snapdragon 870 chip on the Mi 11X Pro and iQOO 7 Legend.

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