The Xiaomi Redmi S2 could be the new gladiator priced under 10k

This month, Xiaomi is celebrating its four-year presence in India, and it is evident that they are deserving of their success. The success of Xiaomi benefits not only the company itself but also its customers. because they can get high-end features at a price that isn’t too bad compared to the big players. Xiaomi may finally introduce the Xiaomi Redmi S2, a sub-10K smartphone with a dual-rear camera sensor, continuing its market disruption.

a widespread trend in the Indian mobile phone industry; Smartphones with dual rear cameras. Only two models with dual rear cameras have been released by Xiaomi thus far, one of which has since been discontinued—the Mi A1, while the other—the Redmi Note 5 Pro—is sold for close to Rs 15,000 Xiaomi has realized that it is time to join the smartphone revolution in light of the success of phones like the Lenovo K8 Plus, Infocus Snap 4, Honor 9 Lite, and a few others.

A side note: Xiaomi has launched three Smart TVs in India, the most recent of which is the 43-inch Mi TV 4A, which sells for a hefty Rs 22,999.

Consequently, it is rumored that the company will launch a new Redmi Smartphone line. Most likely, it will be a Redmi S Series. Consequently, Redmi S2

Why should you wait to buy the Xiaomi Redmi S2 in India?

There are a few good reasons to get your hands on the upcoming Redmi S2 smartphone. They are listed below.

If you enjoy photography: Well, we all enjoy documenting our best experiences so that we can treasure them in the future. However, wouldn’t it make you feel bad if those moments were captured in poor resolution? Because of this, the Xiaomi Redmi S2 features a dual-rear camera setup to give you the best camera experience possible. It would have a 12MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera, as well as Portrait mode and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) features. It will include support for Face Unlock, which will add a new level of user-friendly security.

Xiaomi Redmi S2 - Representational

If you want to do multiple things at once: The issue is not the performance of smartphones priced below $10,000; rather, how much more powerful processors are possible in this price range. The Redmi Note 5, which is equipped with the Snapdragon 625 (SD625) chipset, is currently the smartphone with the most powerful processor. Additionally, the fact that the Redmi S2 is rumored to have an SD625 processor indicates that Xiaomi is expanding into the mobile market with powerful smartphones with processors.

Why don’t you wait for the Xiaomi Redmi S2 to be released?

There is currently no justification. After going over the Redmi S2’s specifications so far, we think it has a feature that is the best in its class.

What do you think about the Xiaomi Redmi S2?

We thought that this phone could be the next best smartphone under $10k based on its features and specifications. However, there is a but here, and that but concerns ownership costs. whether the price of the Xiaomi Redmi S2 would be comparable to that of the market or its own line-up. because it would result in a difference of opinion. The Xiaomi Redmi series currently starts at Rs 5,999 and goes up to Rs 9,999 without any significant gaps that need to be addressed. Therefore, the company must either price their new handset above Rs 10,000 or place it in competition with their current handset. Which one would it be?

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