Amazon, NYT, Bloomberg, Reddit and more websites hit by internet outage

Due to a problem with the Fastly CDN (content delivery network) server, numerous websites, including Amazon, Bloomberg, Spotify, Reddit, and others, are experiencing global outages.

There is a significant outage affecting several well-known websites, including Amazon, Reddit, Spotify, and HBO Max.The Guardian, Financial Times, Independent, and New York Times, all significant news outlets, are also unavailable and displaying error messages.

Even the UK Government website ( displayed an error message that read “Error 503 Service Unavailable,” but most websites were restored to normal operation.The outage had an impact on eBay, Pinterest, Shopify, and the French newspaper Le Monde, among other websites.

A problem with the Fastly content delivery network (CDN), according to reports, was responsible for the outage.Sites and their content are hosted on the internet by CDNs, which are said to be an essential component of the internet infrastructure.According to TechCrunch, content delivery networks (CDNs) “act as proxy servers and cache some data as close to the end-user as possible.”Fastly, a CDN provider, confirmed the global outage on its status website, which is noteworthy.On its website, the American company stated that it was investigating “the potential impact to performance with our CDN services.”The majority of Fastly’s coverage areas were experiencing “Degraded Performance,” according to Reuters.

Down Detector, a website for service monitoring, also observed an increase in reports of Amazon Web Services outages.

Users of Reddit also took to the social media platform to voice concerns about the site.According to statistics from, the outage was complained about by nearly 21,000 people on Reddit, and 2,000 people had issues with Amazon.

Update:Fastly is implementing a fix that (tentatively) seems to be allowing most sites to resume normal service.


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