Apple Reportedly Agrees to Deal to Sell iPhones in Korean LG Retail Stores

Apple and LG are reportedly in talks to use LG’s floor space to sell iPhones in South Korean stores, according to rumors.Detailed information can be found here.

While LG no longer operates a retail location, it is no longer present in the smartphone market.Over 400 LG Best Shop locations in South Korea do not have any floor space for LG smartphones.To avoid wasting that, LG and Apple are in talks to figure out a deal that allows the latter to sell its iPhones via the former’s stores.

Currently, the deal is said to be limited to the borders of South Korea, where Apple stands to gain a great deal.LG’s Best Shops can be found all over the country, and Apple’s expanded retail presence may help the company reach inside the market.Until the end of July, when the deal is also expected to be finalized, LG phones will be available for purchase.

iPhones selling in LG stores 

The report comes from Business Korea and notices Apple likewise wanting to sell items other than iPhones in these LG stores.As a result, Apple Watches, iPads, and other accessories can be purchased by customers in these LG stores.

However, it might not be getting iMacs and MacBooks.And it is alleged that this is the reason for the delay.LG also produces and sells laptops in the Korean market, just like Apple does.Apple and LG are still at odds here.As a result, LG may be in the wrong when it comes to these MacBooks sharing floor space with its Windows laptops.

Whether LG and Apple follow suit with their global storefronts remains to be seen.In a number of markets, LG is still selling the remaining stock of popular phones like the Velvet and Wing.In point of fact, the LG Wing proof-of-concept phone, which was initially sold in India for more than Rs 70,000 a few months ago, is now available for less than Rs 30,000.

The LG Wing has a one-of-a-kind swivel display that lets you show other things on a smaller display underneath.LG has cleverly integrated software features and gimbal components to take advantage of the new form factor.The Wing is one of the most unique smartphones currently available, along with the Velvet and the G8 Dual Screen phones.

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