Charging phone for the time being is unsafe and 5 different things to never do on your phone

Numerous factors can cause phone blasts.In some cases, consumers are to blame, while in others, the company’s poor quality control may be the cause.The five possible causes of such incidents are listed below.

These days, phone battery explosions are becoming more and more common.The most recent incident involved the OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone, which exploded and significantly harmed the user.Since its debut earlier this year, OnePlus Nord 2 blasting has been the subject of several reports.The majority of the time, the company stated that the problem was caused by the customer and that the product is safe to use.

According to OnePlus, various quality and safety tests, including multiple levels of pressure and impact tests, are performed on each smartphone from all brands.Nevertheless, there may be some exceptions, such as the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Numerous factors can cause phone blasts.Wherein one explanation can be ill-advised quality test by the organization, in others, purchasers are mindful.Due to the increasing frequency of phone battery blasting incidents these days, we have listed five possible causes.

5 things to never do on your phone

Physical damage of the device or battery

A damaged battery is one of the most common causes of phone battery failure.When you drop your phone, the battery often gets damaged, which can cause overheating, short-circuiting, and other problems.If you look at the rear panel, you can see that a damaged battery typically swells.

Solution: Take your phone to the service center as soon as you notice the battery swelling problem so that it doesn’t cause burns.

Using unofficial charger

One of the most prevalent causes of battery blast incidents is this.Official chargers are always recommended by brands, but they are frequently avoided.It is always risky to charge a phone with a charger that isn’t the owner’s, as third-party chargers don’t have the specifications that the phone needs.In many occurrences, the less expensive and uncertified chargers can overheat the telephone and harm the interior parts including the battery.

Solution: Continuously utilize official chargers to charge your telephone.

Overnight charging

That is correct.Charge your phone overnight to avoid battery drain as well.The majority of us have a bad habit of charging our phones overnight, which is actually bad for their health.Overheating, short-circuiting, and sometimes explosion can result from charging for an extended period of time.Because of this, some chips have built-in features that automatically stop the flow of current when the battery is fully charged.However, there are a number of phones that do not include this feature.

Solution: Your phone should not be charged overnight.

Battery exposed to water or direct sunlight

Uncovering the telephone battery to guide daylight or water can prompted occurrences of battery detonate.Overheating the cells can make them unstable and produce gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen, which can make the battery swell and eventually explode.As a result, it’s best to keep the phone out of direct sunlight.

Similarly, putting a phone or other electronic device in contact with water can have an effect on its internals, including the battery, resulting in explosions.These days, some phones come with IP certification, but there aren’t many options.IP affirmation doesn’t mean the telephone can be dazzled in water in any capacity.Nothing electronic should be.

Solution: Keep your phone out of the sun and water.

Processor overload

In most cases, multitasking and gaming can cause the phone to heat up because of the processor.These issues with heating can result in battery damage and an explosion.OEMs have begun incorporating a thermal lock feature, which manages heating issues, in an effort to prevent such situations.

Solution: If your phone gets too hot while you’re playing games or multitasking, put it down for a while.

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