How ‘Find My’ apple iPhone helped a teen find her stolen car

Despite leaving her Apple iPhone inside, 19-year-old Victoria O’Connor was able to successfully track her stolen vehicle with the assistance of the police.

Victoria O’Connor, a 19-year elderly person from Iowa, found her taken vehicle with the assistance of Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone‘ application.On Monday, the teen had left her running car outside a QuickTrip.She also forgot to take her phone out of the car, which was fortunate (or unfortunate).

O’Connor used the “Find My iPhone” app on a friend’s iPhone to help the Des Moines Police Department locate her iPhone.The phone had been turned off by the thieves, making it impossible to follow them.On the other hand, on Tuesday morning, the phone was turned on, making it possible to follow it to a nearby apartment.At this complex, the car was discovered.

Following the September fire that destroyed her apartment, O’Connor had been essentially living in her car.Both her wallet and keys were still missing.Despite this, the police are still persuaded that one of the apartments contains the belongings.

Sgt. Des Moines, a Des Moines police officer,Technology like the “Find My iPhone” app, Paul Parizek said, does help the police solve many of these crimes.Thieves will always be thieves.Therefore, “the best thing you can do is to take care of the things that are valuable to you and not leave your car running unattended,” he added.

The ‘Find My’ app works better on iOS 13

An older version of iOS was reportedly running on O’Connor’s iPhone, as reported by KCCI Des Moines.The app would have been able to find her phone even when it was offline if her phone was running iOS 13.

If you want to increase your device’s level of security, you must upgrade to iOS 13.Dark Mode, street-level view for Maps, a redesigned Photos app, and updated privacy features are just a few of the other important additions to iOS 13.

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