How to watch Computex 2021

Numerous tech organizations including Intel, AMD and more will make various declarations with respect to their new items at Computex 2021.We know the following:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Computex 2021 will be held virtually identically to other expos, such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Computex is one of the largest tech conventions that takes place annually.The online-only expo will also differ in that it will take place over the entire month of June rather than just the first week.

You may recall that the COVID-19 pandemic initially caused Computex 2020 to be postponed from June to September of last year before it was ultimately canceled.That will not be the case this year, according to the organizers.

When will Computex 2021 take place?

The organizers of Computex had hoped to personally host its 2021 event.However, they were forced to hold the event entirely online due to the massive second wave.The event will span the entire month, beginning on May 31 and continuing until June 30.

Numerous tech companies, including Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and others, will make numerous product-related announcements at the event.Here we will be investigating all that we realize will happen during COMPUTEX 2021.

On the event’s official website, a live stream of the event will be available.

Intel Computex 2021

Intel as of late sent off its eleventh Gen H series computer chips, which it prodded back at CES 2021.However, the company intends to showcase a number of additional products at Computex 2021. It appears that additional products are also in the works.It is possible that Intel will present either its own discrete graphics lineup or its brand-new HEDT/Core X-Series.The company revealing its 12th generation of Alder Lake CPUs would be a highly unlikely development.

AMD Computex 2021

AMD with its Ryzen computer processors has turned into a star that sparkles the most splendid.With the company expected to release its most recent processors based on the cutting-edge Zen-4 architecture, 2021 does not appear to be a problem for AMD.Along with the budget-friendly RX 6000 series graphics cards with RDNA 2 or even brand-new Ryzen high-end Threadripper chips, we also anticipate the company to introduce new APUs.

Nvidia Computex 2021

We anticipate seeing the Ti versions of the most recent GeForce RTX 30-Series “Ampere” cards this year, as we do each year.The GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, which was released at the very end of 2020, has already been seen.We anticipate that the company will introduce its GeForce RTX 3080 Ti card at the event.The new card has also been teased by the company on its own Twitter account.

We might also see the RTX 3070 Ti and other RTX card versions with different amounts or speeds of memory.Additionally, Nvidia is anticipated to speak on machine learning, AI, and the automobile.

ARM Computex 2021

On June 2, ARM CEO Simon Segars and other employees will address the audience about “Accelerating Ubiquitous Intelligence.”Aside from this, the company has not revealed any convention plans. However, Qualcomm is expected to introduce new ARM-based chips at the expo.

We anticipate the release of new laptop models, the discussion of PCI Express 4.0 SSDs, and Thunderbolt 4 technologies in addition to all of these significant announcements.


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