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Vivo shipped off TWS 2 ANC, the association’s latest certifiable distant earphones in India last month, after it was introduced in China last year. The headphones highlight IP54 sprinkle safe body, Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm aptX Versatile with low inactivity gaming experience and furthermore accompanies up to 40dB ANC. Does it satisfy the hopes? Allow us to jump into the audit to find out.


The case has a gleaming completion. The surface is truly intelligent, and effectively gets residue, fingerprints and scratches. We would be cautious about setting this case in similar pocket as keys and coins. This sort of finish in financial plan gadgets regularly will in general chip and piece, yet we experienced no such issues in our three weeks of purpose. The splendid side is that both the situation and the headphones are not difficult to clean, and are pretty attractive. Regardless of the fears, we will think about the completion an or more, and we like the plan.

The case and the headphones are sufficiently strong. The pivot of the charging case is normally a question of worry in financial plan models, yet the charging instance of the Vivo TWS 2 ANC has truly solid pivots. The case top tends to snap shut at the smallest incitement. The charging case gauges generally 60x25x45mm, and is effectively pocketable.

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The Vivo TWS 2 ANC is stacked with amplifiers, with three of them. There is a mic toward the finish of the stem, right close to the charging contacts, another at the back and the third one is situated underneath the eartips, set inside the ears. It is by all accounts to some degree somewhat weird to have a receiver between the stomach and the eardrum, however hello, Vivo concocts a few innovative plans. There is a vent inside the headphones that permit air to pass uninhibitedly into the ears.

The headphones doesn’t have the traditional touch delicate controls. The taps and twofold taps and long presses are rather executed with squeezes on the stem. While there is no truly haptic criticism when squeezed with the fingers, there is an extremely fulfilling click that you hear inside the ears. While it burns through more effort, and they are a piece extreme to squeeze, the controls are more exact than the touch controls in equivalent TWS headphones.

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Volume change is through a sliding movement on the stem, which has been moved to the front side as against along the external edge, right beneath the helper mouthpiece on the Vivo TWS Neo. These controls are significantly more risky, and you can as effectively wind up expanding the volume as diminishing it. We found it better to try not to utilize the volume controls by any means, and on second thought deal with the volume with the matched cell phone. The beneficial thing about the crush controls and the area of the touch slider is that it is difficult to mistap or give some unacceptable information while changing the headphones, which is an issue with the vast majority of the other TWS headphone contributions out there.

As far as solace and fit, they top off the ears very well. While we really do favor froth tips in view of how they can unequivocally adjust to the state of the ears, the silicone tips are significantly more solid. Changing the tips out is all in all an errand, as eliminating them requires more exertion than one would expect. The headphones weigh under five grams every, which makes them truly agreeable. In any case, we found that our ears began to hurt after around five to six hours of constant use, yet this can undoubtedly shift from one individual to another. We truly enjoyed the fit and segregation, however there were a few worries with long haul wearability. In any case, we would in any case consider the headphones as open to thinking about how lightweight they are, and the simple fit.

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Altogether, we truly preferred the squeeze controls, the strong feel of the gadget, the lightweight headphones and the lustrous completion, so everything looks great with the form and plan, aside from the inconsistent volume controls.


Matching with a cell phone is stunningly quick and solid, and we had no issues there. Nonetheless, when it came to matching with a Windows machine, we experienced a few issues. While the gadget matched decently rapidly, it just would not be recorded as a sound gadget, in any event, when added from the sound choices. We tried on two Windows machines, one Windows 10 and different Windows 11, and the issue was something very similar on both. However, the gadget matched effectively enough on a Macbook.

We truly needed to try out the asserted component of multi-gadget associations and the capacity to trade effectively between these associations, yet couldn’t do as such. One thing we found astonishing was that when we put on the headphones, the music playback on Spotify exchanged naturally from the Windows machine to the cell phone. We truly have no clue about what is happening here, yet we enjoyed it. However, the playback didn’t get back to the Windows machine when the headphones were returned to the charging case.

With regards to the battery duration, the gadget was shockingly great, and surpassed the guaranteed values. We found that the batteries endured more than eight hours prior to faltering out, as against a guaranteed worth of 7.3 hours with ANC off. Indeed, even with ANC on, the batteries went on for almost six hours as against a guaranteed 4.1. On standard use, except if explicitly testing battery duration, we found that we simply had to re-energize the gadget about one time each week. This included somewhere in the range of four and six hours of day to day music tuning in and hanging out on Clubhouse.

Nonetheless, there are a few provisos to this noteworthy presentation with regards to battery duration. We might have utilized the headphones at a much lower volume than the Vivo lab tests, making sense of the inconsistency. Simultaneously, the genuine trouble spot with regards to TWS headphones isn’t the means by which long the battery endures per charge, yet for how long the battery stays utilitarian and can hold a charge. The battery duration ordinarily will in general tumble off emphatically soon. So don’t give an excess of weightage to the great battery duration while going with a choice.

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With regards to the dynamic commotion crossing out, there is truly just such a lot of that the headphones can truly do, and Vivo plays it straight when it says that the dynamic clamor wiping out just goes up to 40 dB. On the off chance that there is no music playback by any means, you can really hear the commotion wiping out working as a kind of tanish repetitive sound. Keeping the ANC setting on can exhaust the battery duration regardless of whether you are wearing the headphones and not paying attention to music, for instance, ready for calls. While we have seen better commotion scratch-off in additional costly headphones, it isn’t the slightest bit awful at the cost point.

The highs and mids were completely clear when it came to music, motion pictures and games, however the lower frequencies were somewhat sloppy. The bass can’t be depicted as punchy, yet is satisfactory for most listening meetings. The sound isn’t terrible in any way, it is simply not excellent. The partition and disconnection are okay. We had the option to hear sounds from around 60 Hz, and the high pitch from 16K Hz, yet these tests normally are more about the person than the headphones. The headphones have a slight grin bend, which is satisfying enough for most music.

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The three receivers should do a wizardry of some sort or another, in light of the fact that when it came to the voice quality, they were great. Indeed, even in jam-packed conditions, for example, Metro rakes, caf├ęs, workplaces, and blustery parks with a ton of babbling birds, I was never approached to rehash the same thing on the opposite side. These headphones are entirely reasonable for accepting calls, and you ought to hear no bad things to say from the audience members.


As a matter of some importance, we principally tried the gadget on an iPhone, which implied that the majority of the high level elements, for example, calibrating control choices or sound profiles were not accessible to us for testing, as Vivo doesn’t have an application on the Application Store for controlling the TWS headphones. In any case, we didn’t consider this to be a devastating issue, as a large portion of the important controls are accessible through the actual gadget, and the truly progressed highlights including DeepX 2.0 Sound system Audio cues and Find My TWS are at any rate just accessible with Vivo cell phones. Likewise, not having an application on the Application Store is the standard for cell phone makers moving into the space of TWS headphones, with just the heritage sound producers having applications for the two stages.

The help for aptx is perfect, as certain models in the cost range avoid that. There is support for Google Associate, yet no help for Alexa or Siri. There are additionally wear identification sensors that are likewise jumped out by certain models in the reach. Some could like to keep playing the music or video assuming the headphones are taken out, rather than them being stopped.

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The headphones have a waterproofing rating of IP54, which is adequate to safeguard against an intermittent sprinkle, yet insufficient to offer waterproofing against tenacious downpour or ceaseless perspiring. Something beneficial is that Vivo is completely clear and blunt in the entirety of its correspondences about what the capacities of the gadget really are, and we saw no tall cases in any of the special or posting material for the Vivo TWS 2 ANC.


Generally speaking, the Vivo TWS Neo is a decent Bluetooth genuine remote headphones at a cost of Rs. 5,990. It has a lightweight, conservative plan, offers great sound and great calling experience with computer based intelligence call clamor wiping out. The headphones additionally accompany aptX Versatile, but this doesn’t chip away at every one of the telephones and a few elements like DeepX audio cues likewise work just with select vivo telephones. It is accessible from and Flipkart as well as vivo store on the web.

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