Asus ROG Phone 2 Review

Asus Rog phone 2

Gamers will love Asus ROG Phone 2. Period. Can it be used by non-gamers? Sure. But really, what’s the point? You don’t need phones like this, the Nubia Red Magic, the Black Shark 2, etc. that are heavier or have more gaming features if you don’t play games. bring. Additionally, cool RGB lighting is absolutely irrelevant to you.

If that is the case, you can immediately stop reading this review.

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The ROG Phone II is huge with a screen that is 6.59 inches wide. Furthermore, this makes it ideal for gaming and content viewing. It is also a heavy phone, weighing 240 grams, which makes sense for a phone this big. Because it gives gamers something solid to hold onto, it seems like the phone can handle any kind of intense, heavy gaming. This makes it more practical for gamers.

It also does. Although I don’t play PUBG, I tried it out on the ROG Phone II and found that it was easier than on other devices. This is probably due to the ROG Phone II’s immersive and wide screen, comfortably spaced in-game buttons, and edges where they are required. It also has two air triggers on the top, which you can map to any in-game function you want. I didn’t use them because the games I play don’t need them.

Nevertheless, I fully comprehend the advantages of having that choice. The way the phone is set up means that if you want to use it, the air triggers are perfectly positioned and the index fingers on both of your hands will automatically rest there.

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The Armoury app, which organizes all of your games in one location for simple launch and exit, is the other cool thing. It’s a good thing that the ROG Phone II doesn’t have gestures and only has virtual buttons for things like back and home. While playing games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang on other devices, I have frequently swiped home carelessly.

The 120Hz refresh rate renders all games extremely crisp, but a 90Hz display renders the games that are currently available equally well. Additionally, the Game Genie app lets you personalize your gaming experience; I only used it to change the colors of the ROG logo on the device’s back. It appears to be quite cool.

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The appearance of the phone is yet another area where it excels. Sharp angles, shining thin slivers of reflective material, the metallic orange speaker grille on the back, and even the camera module appear to belong on a spaceship are just a few of the features.

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When the Lighting Armour Case, which is exclusive to India and is included in the box, is snapped onto the ROG Phone II’s back, it makes the phone look like a formidable weapon, making it look even cooler. Nonetheless, it stores dust. Therefore, you will need to periodically take it off to clean it and the smartphone’s back.

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Regarding the ROG logo on the back, I customized it to have a color-changing, always-on style. I was essentially causing the phone’s battery to drain through paper cuts. That 6000mAh battery performed admirably. Yes, I didn’t play a lot of games, but I did use the phone all day and didn’t need to charge it again.

The device has a headphone jack so that you can better hear those footsteps in PUBG and two charging ports—one on the bottom and one on the left—so that you can charge it in landscape mode as well. You can use the additional air trigger spot on the bottom left alongside the one on the right to perform functions like taking a screenshot, changing the ringer volume, or taking a picture.

When it comes to the ROG Phone II, you really can’t complain about anything. Possibly with the exception of its size and bulk. However, a gaming phone is intended to be exactly that: it should have a design that stands out from other devices in its vicinity. Do you recall the Nokia N-Gage? Naturally, the gaming phone has become a more streamlined creature since then.

The ROG Phone II is our favorite among the other animals of this kind we’ve seen. Particularly at Rs 37,999

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