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Last month, realme’s TechLife brand introduced the DIZO Watch, the company’s first Indian watch. It cost the same and had the same features as the realme Watch 2, including a 1.4-inch display, 90 sport modes, and SpO2 monitoring. I have been utilizing the most recent smartwatch from realme for half a month at this point, and here is the survey.

Build and design:

I thought the DIZO Watch’s design was attractive to begin with. In the same price range, there are numerous smartwatches with similar looks and designs. However, it appears that this watch is of high quality.

It’s light enough to wear all day at 38 grams, but because it’s plastic, it won’t last as long as a metal watch. The DIZO Watch looks clean and sophisticated thanks to its carbon Grey color.


The skin-friendly and lightweight 22mm interchangeable strap is included. You will see a solitary button on the right half of the watch that permits you to wake the watch and return, however it initiates no element.

One thing I didn’t like about the watch was the thick bezels. Along these lines, the presentation seems, by all accounts, to be tiny. The watch’s overall design was impacted as a result.


You can find the pulse sensor and SpO2 sensor on the back. The smartwatch meets IP68 standards for resistance to water, but not 5ATM. It will not be damaged by a splash of water, but you are unable to take it for a swim.


The touchscreen dial on the Dizo Watch is 1.4 inches. The resolution of the display is 320 by 320 pixels, and its maximum brightness is 600 nits. A smooth user interface scrolling experience is ensured by a display refresh rate of 30 frames per second.


The high brightness makes it easy to see outside. In addition, you receive 2.5-inch scratch-resistant glass that can be positioned on top of the display to safeguard it from damage. However, the thick bezels that surround the display hinder its overall appearance.


By selecting Adjust brightness from the settings menu, you can manually adjust the brightness. The screen timeout can be increased to 15 seconds and can be changed from 20% to 100%. Because there is no ambient light sensor, there is no auto-brightness feature.

UI and software:

The DIZO Watch’s bespoke operating system provides power. It tends to be matched with both Android and iOS gadgets. In order to sync the watch with your smartphone, you will need to download the realme Link App.

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Subsequent to doing as such, you can see all the wellness and wellbeing related information on your cell phone. The interface of the watch was easy to use and pretty smooth.

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At the point when the watch is matched to the cell phone, you will likewise get music controls. When you play videos or music, you can play, pause, skip tracks, and change the volume. There is also a camera control option; However, before you can use it, you must enable it within the app.

Features for Health and Fitness:

DIZO Watch has a ton of elements for such a minimal expense wearable, conveying a decent measure of usefulness. The watch is loaded with 90 one of a kind games modes. It incorporates exercises like strolling, running, indoor cycling, open air cycling, climbing, ball, turning, yoga and some more.

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You can learn everything you need to know about the distance traveled, calories burned, average speed, cadence, average heart rate, and duration of outdoor activities like running and cycling. For outdoor activities like running or cycling, it must rely on the phone’s GPS lock because it does not have its own GPS.

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Beside all of this, the DIZO Watch additionally screens your means, rest, and gives hydration and inactive updates. It is amazing to see these highlights at a reasonable sticker cost.

Charging and the Battery:

The Realme DIZO Watch has a 315mAh battery that provides adequate power support. The manufacturer asserts that the battery can last up to 12 days. There is some discrepancy between the actual and advertised battery life. For my typical daily use, the watch’s battery lasted for a full 10 days when fully charged.

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The frequency with which the display is used at a higher brightness setting, the frequency with which the heart rate monitor is used during workouts, and the number of notifications that are enabled all have an impact on the battery life.


If you want to take advantage of the current wearables trend without spending a lot, the DIZO Watch is a great option. It has an enormous choice of watch faces, a brilliant touch screen, and the element to quantify both pulse and SpO2.

This smartwatch’s thick bezels around its display, which didn’t look good at all, were one thing I didn’t like about it.

Overall, the DIZO Watch is an excellent choice for a straightforward fitness tracker with a long battery life.

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