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LG is known for producing some of the funniest smartphones. When I first saw the LG Wing, I wasn’t surprised to learn that the South Korean tech giant has a long history of innovations like bending displays and modular smartphone technology.

The phone’s “Swivel Mode,” which completely turned my world horizontal (like the Wing’s second screen), catches the eye more than any other 6.7-inch smartphone currently on the market.

Here are my initial thoughts on the LG Wing after I had the chance to use it for a few days.

Display and design:

The LG Wing is a big piece of hardware right off the bat. You’ll be carrying almost two smartphones’ worth of weight in one hand at 200 grams, which can strain your wrists. The LG Wing’s overwhelming form factor isn’t a deal breaker for me because most dual-screen smartphones carry that extra weight.

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The 6.8-inch POLED display is quite impressive in its original form, delivering more than impressive colors while simultaneously balancing contrast. The device’s Gorilla Glass 5 protection provides assurance that it will survive an accidental drop.

The phone’s “Swivel Mode” is unquestionably what draws attention. The T-shaped real estate makes me feel like a celebrity every time I open my smartphone. Is an iPhone capable of that?

The smaller 3.9-inch G-OLED with 1080x1240p resolution is cleverly concealed by the larger 6.8-inch screen. I like what LG has done with the Wing, despite the fact that I’m not a big fan of small displays because they make it harder to use them.

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On the smaller screen, you can use a variety of applications, but I haven’t looked through the list of apps that will work on it yet. Although both displays have thick bezels, you never feel deprived of screen space.

The 3.9-inch display is topped by a relatively smaller glass panel for aesthetic reasons. serves no other purpose at all.

The slipper’s brushed metal edges do add a touch of class, and the slipper’s glossy back highlights the shoe’s overall appearance. For review, I received the “Illusion Sky” color variant. This is not one of those colors that are too obvious.

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A USB-Type C port, a huge SIM tray, and buttons for power and volume on the right side are all standard additions. A triple camera setup that is vertically positioned at the top left corner is also housed in the rear.

I realized after careful observation that the phone is not suitable for people who use their left hand. Even though opening the phone with the right hand is simple, doing so with the left hand is difficult because the phone only opens in one direction—from right to left.

Performance and hardware:

The LG Wing is neither a bunny nor a workhorse in terms of performance. The device is powered by an 8GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 765G SoC. Although the LG Wing appears to be on par with some of the market’s flagships on paper, I am curious to see what the device has in store for us in terms of processing power and graphics performance.

You get a fingerprint scanner built right into the display, but I’ve found that it takes a long time to respond. Additionally, the massive horizontal display makes it difficult to reach the volume rocker and power button when the phone is in “Swivel Mode.” I would call it an error in ergonomics.

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There is up to 256GB of expandable onboard storage available to you. Although the LG Wing is splash-proof to IP54, I wouldn’t count on it to survive a splash. With so many mechanicals and moving parts, protecting against water damage is always a risky proposition.

We won’t comment on the device’s overall performance or sound quality until we have completed the review, but our initial impressions are positive.


The LG Wing appears to have a triple-camera back setup. A 64-megapixel camera with a combination of a 13-megapixel and 12-megapixel ultrawide lens is in charge of everything. It can simultaneously record FHD videos and 4k videos at 30 and 60 frames per second. The camera module bears the brand name “Hexa Motion Stabilizer,” which is used for stabilization.

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A motorized selfie camera with 32 megapixels and a wide mode lets more people fit easily into the frame on the front. LG did not hesitate to add a motorized front camera to a smartphone with so many moving parts already. What bravery!

LG has added a retractable anti-fall feature to the front camera to prevent damage to the camera module in the event of a fall. I think it should be added.

We are going to put the camera through its paces so that we can see what the LG Wing has to offer in terms of its ability to take pictures.


LG’s own Quick Charge 4.0+ technology is included in the 4,000mAh battery that powers this block of high-tech hardware. During my three to four days of use, I was pleased with the battery life; however, the real test will take place in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to learn how the Wing performed.


The LG Wing still hasn’t won me over. LG deserves praise for its original design language and for overcoming a sea of folding smartphones to create a swivelling smartphone with dual screens.

lg wing 7

You’ll need to be extra careful when using this phone, and one drop could send you to the service center. It’s definitely not for people with small hands.

LG is trying to become the smartphone industry’s master of multitasking with the Wing, but does the price of Rs 69,990 make sense? In our complete review, we will discover the answer to that question.

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