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After the Shots X1 AIR send off rencently, Noise sent off the Shots X1 AIR, the organization’s most recent remote headphones. It is small, has touch controls, supports Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX, and promises playback time of over 4 hours. In the wake of involving it for north of seven days, here is the survey of the Bluetooth headset.


After unpacking the Noise Shots X-Buds, clients will be welcomed by the actual headphones encased in a matte-dark curved charging case, a miniature USB charging link, a client manual and extra ear tips in various sizes (S, M and L). The oval charging case’s matte completion is satisfying to the touch and feels very exceptional close by, notwithstanding its plastic body. The ‘Clamor’ logo is unobtrusively implanted smack in the center of the case and has a very downplayed look. The case is attractively fixed closed however opens up consistently without applying an excess of strain.

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The case is genuinely pocketable, nonetheless, it stuck out a considerable amount in ladies’ pants. It is incredibly lightweight too, gauging a simple 50g alongside the headphones inside the case. The case likewise includes an accusing mark of four little LEDs that light up white showing the remainders of charge for the situation.

The plan of the headphones is suggestive of the Apple Airpods since they also highlight the standard ‘pipe-style’ plan with calculated tips. In addition to the 45-degree angled earphone nozzles and the different-sized silicone ear tips in the box, as previously stated, this combination ensures a snug fit. The Shots X-Buds are unnaturally agreeable to wear, in any event, for delayed listening meetings and wait in any event, during running and light activity, which is admirable. Be cautioned however, these headphones truly do project out of the ears a fair piece, and on the off chance that you have short hair or wear your hair in a braid, they swell conspicuously, even from a good ways.

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The headphones likewise sport a comparable matte surface as the accusing instance of brilliant attractive focuses that interface with the charging case. They additionally highlight a Drove every which shines red when the battery is low, blue when the headphones are in matching mode and white when associated. Generally speaking, the plan of the charging case and headphones complete one another well, with both donning a moderate, downplayed at this point tasteful look.


The Noise Shots X-Buds convey genuinely able sound quality. However, the bass response is where they do lag behind. In tracks, for example, One more couldn’t take the heat by Sovereign or Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Imprint Ronson, the bass bangs are somewhat muffled which causes the whole track to feel powerfully level. Notwithstanding accomplishing an ideal fit with the S (little) measured ear tips, the bass reaction felt disappointing. Be that as it may, changing to AAC from SBT brought about more full sound quality and more profound bass.

Mids and highs on the Noise Shots X-Buds sound etched and full-bodied. While electronic synth bass in Motherjane’s Mindstreet was somewhat muffled, most different instruments present in the track, were all around addressed and very much saved also. The vocals likewise gleam on these headphones, with the sibilant sounds in Billie Eilish’s Miscreant sounding completely clear and fulfilling to the ears. The ‘s’ sounds and Billie’s irregular breaths didn’t sound brutal or ‘hissy’ anytime, which is commendable.

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In Dream Theater’s Force Me Under, the variety of instruments sounded precise, notwithstanding, the instrument detachment appeared to be marginally deficient with regards to here. When played on the Noise Shots X-Buds, the instruments sounded muddled due to inefficient spacing between them. Be that as it may, we’re very finicky here, since this is normal, particularly in IEMs where the drivers press against your ear channels.

You likewise accomplish a fair piece of commotion separation too, inferable from the cozy attack of the IEMs in your ear. We were unable to hear the consistent jabber and the clicking of our mechanical console in our test labs, which is perfect. Also, even with the music off, the encompassing sounds appeared to be very reduced. There was also very little sound leakage. In our tests, we saw only 50.9 dB of leakage at 65% volume.

Watching Netflix, YouTube and Hotstar utilizing these headphones was a charming encounter, and we confronted no significant inactivity issues. We likewise played COD portable, and the strides and shots were distinctly. We were able to identify directional footsteps and gunshots thanks to the game’s excellent stereo sound.

These earphones have average call quality. The mouthpiece doesn’t appear to get your voice effectively and the recipient frequently whines that the voice coming through is incredibly suppressed. The collector’s voice, then again, sounded very clear.

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Generally speaking, the sound is definite in mid-reach and high pitch range, the vocals are clear and the bass is disappointing, yet at the same not totally muffled. The Noise Shots X-Buds are splendid sounding IEMs, and they’ve endeavored to consolidate an audiophile sound profile onto these buds. They would have succeeded in the event that the bass reaction was misrepresented only a smidgen more. In any case, the Noise Shots X-Buds are superior to what you’d anticipate that spending plan well disposed genuine remote headphones should sound.


While the Noise Shots X-Buds come outfitted with a plenty of highlights that are generally given the skip at this sticker cost, some of them are still somewhat of a hit and miss. For example, the underlying touch controls. The more expensive 1More Stylish True Wireless earphones don’t have touch controls; instead, they use more primitive single-button controls. The Noise Shots X-Buds’ touch controls permit you to control the volume, stop/play a track, skip tracks or go to past tracks, send off voice collaborator and, acknowledge and dismiss calls.

Notwithstanding the variety of touch-empowered controls, we felt that the touch controls were fairly strange and were put off by a portion of the odd touch combos expected to play out a specific activity. Stopping and playing a track was the main ordinary activity, as we would see it, with a straightforward twofold tap on either headphone getting the job done. How about we get to the bulky ones now. Going to the past tune expects you to significantly increase tap the left headphone while jumping to the following track requires a triple tap on the right one. Expanding and diminishing the volume is accomplished by single-tapping, or sliding up or down, on the right and left headphones separately.

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You ask, What’s the issue? Since the touch board in some cases deciphered this as a twofold tap and stopped the track, playing out this activity is a task. Different times, the headphones enrolled a triple tap as a solitary tap and expanded the volume. It got progressively disturbing and after the point, the commentator surrendered to skipping tracks by whipping out the test gadget all things being equal.

The touch controls can be likewise be used to enact your gadget’s voice aide by contacting and holding either headphone. Take this with a touch of salt since it just worked around 50% of the times we attempted. To answer a call you should single tap either headphone while contacting and holding any headphone for two seconds will dismiss the call and twofold tapping any headphone will end the call. These activities functioned admirably, as planned. While the touch controls are somewhat of a mix of good and bad, we actually utilized the interruption/play and volume contact controls widely since they worked impeccably.

The Noise Shots X-Buds are additionally IPX5 evaluated (sweat-safe) and that implies that they can overcome an intermittent light downpour and sweat-instigating exercise meetings. AAC codec support, auto power, pairing, and power off capabilities, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity are all features of the earphones. Be that as it may, there is miniature USB charging rather than Type-C, which is dependably a bummer in 2019, since hauling around two chargers is generally a disturbance.


The Noise Shots X-Buds have a decently long battery life of four hours on their own, and the charging case that comes with them can charge the headphones three more times. This gives it a total battery life of sixteen hours, which isn’t bad for this price, especially considering that the Apple AirPods only have a battery life that is nearly four times that of this device.

We figured out how to separate around 3 and a half long stretches of juice from the tiny headphones, which is very near the organization guarantee. The charging case, which was powered by a 650 mAH battery, performed as promised and could charge the buds three times. The LED indicators on the earphones turn red whenever the battery reaches a critical point, prompting you about this every 30 seconds.

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When the charging case is connected to the micro-USB charger, the LEDs turn white and dim after the case has been fully charged. It required something like 2 hours and 15 minutes to bring the case up from 0% to 100 percent.


There’s a ton to like with regards to Commotion’s most up to date evident remote participant, the Noise Shots X-Buds. At a genuinely reasonable cost of Rs 3,999, the headphones offer adjusted and itemized midrange and high pitch execution. Bass heads, in any case, should cease from purchasing these headphones since the reaction in this reach is essentially downplayed, to a place where hip-jump, rap and EDM sorts feel very drowsy. By and by, in the event that the bass-y ‘blasts’ and ‘pounds’ are not essential to your listening experience, the Noise Shots X-Buds offer estimable sound execution, IPX5 sweat obstruction, contact safe controls from there, the sky is the limit, all without consuming a sizeable opening in your pocket.

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