OnePlus 11 Review

After its send off in China, OnePlus has sent off its most recent lead, the OnePlus 11, in India. it incorporates the latest processor, a phenomenal new arrangement, camera updates and speedy charging. Curiously, this is the non ‘Expert’ OnePlus lead and that implies there are several trade offs as well. Are these trade offs the ideal choice, or would they say they are a dealbreaker? Peruse on in my audit of the OnePlus 11.


The OnePlus 11 comes in a single size just and keeping in mind that it is a major telephone with a 6.7-inch screen size, it doesn’t feel as huge and as weighty as the World S23 Ultra or iPhone 14 Star Max. This is one of our greatest objections against those generally extraordinary gadgets, so we’re glad to see OnePlus going with a more smooth gadget.

The plan of the OnePlus 11 is really like the past OnePlus 10 Expert, yet contrasted side with side, you can see the refinement of this new telephone. The glass is Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus on the front, while on the back you have Corning’s more seasoned age Gorilla Glass 5.

The power button and Ready Slider are on the right, volume buttons – on the left. On the base, you have a USB-C port, however one mishap here is that it just backings the very sluggish USB 2.0 norm.

OnePlus telephones typically don’t have an authority IP rating, yet this one does. The OnePlus 11 is evaluated IP64 for a few water and residue insurance. That is not exactly the IP68 rating of different leaders that can undoubtedly endure being lowered in water for some time, so it’s most certainly not a smart thought to lower this telephone in water.

The double amplifiers have gotten a welcome redesign with double sub-magnets and NLC low-recurrence calculation, every extravagant word, yet we were delighted to see that truly, sound quality is perceptibly quite improved.

The telephone comes in two colorways: you have a green variant and a dark model, the green elements a smooth glass finish, while the dark one has another sort of covering which gleams when light hits it at specific points.


It’s a decent looking screen and it upholds 1440p goal for extra fresh detail, in addition to it likewise includes a dynamic revive rate that can go from 1 Hz as far as possible up to 120Hz, because of LTPO 3.0 innovation. The 1Hz choice is perfect in the event that you utilize the AOD (Consistently In plain view) capability as it depletes less power than previously.

OnePlus isn’t unveiling the board innovation utilized, yet informal sources say it utilizes the more established Samsung E4 OLED board, as opposed to the fresher E6 boards. This is one slight trade off contrasted with other new 2023 telephones, yet you most likely must be truly fixated on screen quality to see as a matter of fact.

In our showcase estimations above, notice that this screen doesn’t get as brilliant as different telephones outside, so you’ll need to squint harder to peruse it out on a radiant day. The other concerning number is the base splendor which is quite excessively splendid for evening time use and will tire your eyes quicker.

Then, as far as biometrics, the OnePlus 11 purposes an optical in-screen unique mark scanner, which feels quick and precise, so we have no bad things to say. Additionally, you have face open by means of the front camera, remember that this is straightforward picture based 2D framework and isn’t so secure as the 3D kind like Apple’s Face ID.

One of our number one elements of the OnePlus 11 is a shiny new vibration engine, which is 67% bigger than previously. OnePlus unassumingly refers to it as “the ruler of Android engines”, and we need to concur that it feels inconceivably exact. It emits fragile haptics while composing, while you actually don’t miss calls and warnings. Interestingly, you presently have support for “twofold vibration”, especially helpful in games. Others in the Android space currently need to make up for lost time.


The OnePlus 11 has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, the quickest one in the Android space such a long ways in 2023.

The base variant of the telephone ships with 8GB of Smash which is OK, yet on the off chance that you select the 256 gig form, you get the OnePlus 11 with an incredible 16GB of Slam. This is a crazy measure of Slam, and it’s a commendable redesign. OnePlus says that the base 8GB Smash OnePlus 11 adaptation can have 18 applications running behind the scenes, while the 16GB Slam model can have a fantastic 44 applications running behind the scenes. We haven’t scrutinized this, yet this is the sort of exhibition that you normally get on additional costly telephones.

With regards to Slam, the OnePlus 11 beats the System S23 Ultra, Pixel 7 Expert and essentially any remaining telephones available, aside from the gaming-focused Asus ROG Telephone.

With regards to computer processor execution, the OnePlus 11 is huge leap over the past age and about comparable to the remainder of the 2023 Android leads.

For gaming, we run the 3D Imprint Natural life Outrageous test that runs for 20 minutes and it shows exceptionally forceful choking on the OnePlus 11. Execution drops rapidly, in pretty much 3 or 4 minutes.

This is most likely the fourth or fifth telephone with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip that we have utilized such a long ways in 2023, and none of the others have such extreme choking. We don’t respect an issue for relaxed gamers, however if you need to play Genshin Contact with maximized settings, you presumably will be to some extent marginally frustrated.

The OnePlus 11 comes in either a 128 gig or 256 gig storing versions, and 256GB one goes with fresher and faster UFS 4.0 limit, so that is one strong contention for getting it. This fresher stockpiling standard gets a tremendous jump perused/compose speeds and permits the real chips to be more modest. UFS 4.0 has twofold the perused velocities of UFS 3.1, coming to up to 4,200MB/s for read and 2,800MB/s for compose.

The Smash on the OnePlus 11 is likewise of the quicker LPDDR5X kind, and it brings a 33% speed support and is 20% more energy productive contrasted with the past age.


Keeping the OnePlus 11 moving along as planned is OxygenOS 13, which depends on Android 13. The operating system includes their all-new Aquamorphic plan language, alongside further developed accommodation, dependability, and security. There are several new programming elements, for example, simulated intelligence Framework Sponsor, Savvy Launcher, Sidebar Tool stash, Confidential Safe 2.0, and so on.

By and large, OxygenOS 13 is smooth, lightweight and loaded up with flawless highlights without a great deal of bloatware. There are several pre-introduced applications, however they can be uninstalled. My main grumblings had to do for certain irritating ways of behaving around warnings. There is additionally some worry about OxygenOS turning out to be progressively like ColorOS, however sensibly it doesn’t influence the end customer fundamentally. OnePlus has additionally guaranteed 4 years of operating system programming updates and 5 years of safety patches. This welcomes it comparable to the opposition in the Android space.

The OnePlus 11 highlights an under-show unique finger impression sensor that is accurately situated at the base portion of the presentation. It utilizes an optical sensor rather than the ultrasonic sensor that Samsung and different brands use. The sensor works quick and dependably, and I have no large grumblings. You can amount to 5 fingerprints, and it offers the standard arrangement of abilities, for example, screen opening, application open and for the Confidential Safe.

Very much like previously, the Face Open isn’t quite so secure as the Finger impression sensor, so I didn’t utilize it.

It accompanies Double SIM availability with help for 5G organizations. It upholds a large number of 5G groups including N1, N3, N5, N7, N8, N20, N28A, N38, N40, N41, N66, N77, N78, and it upholds Transporter Total. The telephone is in fact fit for associating with Wi-Fi 7 organizations, but there aren’t any upheld switches now, so you can utilize Wi-Fi 6 for the present. Other availability choices incorporate Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, GPS (L1+L5 Double Band), GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou.

The SAR esteem was accounted for as 1.186W/kg for the Head and 0.993W/kg for the Body, which is well underneath the cutoff points set by the Indian Government.


You get a 50MP principal camera sensor here, yet curiously, OnePlus utilizes the Sony IMX890 sensor, which from a certain point of view isn’t exactly basically as noteworthy as the bigger 1-inch type Sony IMX989 sensor utilized by rivals from Xiaomi and Vivo.

The wide camera sensor is a 48MP one and it can think as close as 3.5cm for full scale shots and third back camera is a 2X long range focal point, incredible for representations. Nonetheless, the individuals who need to have the option to zoom further may be frustrated as the OnePlus 11 comes up short on lengthy reach long range focal point.

So… how great is this camera framework, in actuality? What’s more, might it at any point shoot photographs and recordings comparable to your World, iPhone or Pixel?

The OnePlus 11 principal camera will in general catch hotter varieties with a lot of immersion without taking to the drastic course of action. Pictures are contrasty, with profound blacks and in general we like this look, it’s a touch more restrained than your normal Samsung telephone, however substantially more lively than say a Google Pixel, so it’s sort of a decent center ground.

In low light, the OnePlus additionally works really hard. Openness is great, detail is only a smidgen more honed than ideal, however no place almost as outrageous as on the most recent iPhone 14 Expert or Universe S23 Ultra, so that is something worth being thankful for.

Likewise to the primary camera, the OnePlus 11 blessings hotter varieties and a more brilliant openness with its super wide camera during the day. This is quite possibly of the best super wide camera we have tried in 2023, photographs look extraordinary both during the day and around evening time.

While the OnePlus 11 comes up short on devote long-range zoom camera, it makes a good showing with computerized zoom. Certainly, it’s a stage back contrasted with telephones like the Pixel 7 Expert which has a 5X zoom camera or the Universe S23 Ultra which has two zoom cameras, a 3X and 10X one, yet at the same it’s relatively close behind.

In the camera application, you get 1X and 2X representation modes. 1X is actually a generation of a 3.5/30mm Hasselblad XCD point of convergence and 2X mirrors a 2.8/65mm Hasselblad XCD point of convergence with cool swirly bokeh.

Picture mode quality on the Pixel utilizes extremely harsh yields from the primary camera and the quality is the most horrendously terrible out of any cutting edge leader. The OnePlus 11 then again can catch extremely satisfying picture mode shots and the 2X long range focal point is a divine being send for representations.

For selfies, the distinctions between the two are just intensified, as the OnePlus catches a much more splendid openness than ordinary, and the Pixel goes for a considerably hazier and moodier shot than expected. Both are not great, however in the event that we needed to pick one, we would go with the more splendid shots out of the OnePlus.


The OnePlus 11 battery comes in at a 5,000mAh cutoff, which has transformed into genuine standard among gigantic estimated Android pioneer phones.

In our free battery tests, we found the OnePlus 11 went on about comparable to last year’s model with regards to web perusing, and it scored lower on our YouTube video playback test.

The video web based results areas of strength for are the OnePlus 11, it even beats the Cosmic system S23 Ultra on that test, yet curiously in the utilization case with web perusing the OnePlus 11 scores way beneath the normal. Out and out, you shouldn’t expect ponders out of the OnePlus 11 battery, however no tremendous frustrations by the same token. This telephone will last you through a much more extraordinary day effectively, yet it’s not on a similar level as battery winners like the iPhone 14 Genius Max or Cosmic system S23 Ultra.

What is extra-customary about the OnePlus 11 is its charging speed. You get 80W max charging speeds (100W in the event that you live external the US), which a flawless update from the 10 Ace. A full charge requires simply thirty minutes, really great!

OnePlus guarantees that in spite of those quick charging speeds, there will be no fast debasement of the battery wellbeing and a battery should go on something like four years before it’s expected for substitution, which the organization gauges is two times the length contenders.

Obviously, this charging speed isn’t exactly a world record, this is presently held by Xiaomi and its 210W charging framework (full charge in less than 10 minutes). Be that as it may, those telephones are not accessible in the U.S. market, so the OnePlus 11 is presently the quickest charging telephone state-side.

Curiously, in our OnePlus 10T survey we saw that more seasoned telephone had a 150W quick charger, which is much quicker.

The OnePlus 11 doesn’t uphold remote charging, which could dishearten certain individuals. In any case, in the event that you ask us, we don’t think this is a very remarkable misfortune with this sort of wired charging speeds.


The OnePlus 11 is in a seriously extraordinary situation in the cell phone market. The telephone offers leader level execution, an exceptional form, smooth programming and quick charging capacities. The camera is great at the cost and battery duration is above and beyond. There are not many oversights from ordinary lead cell phones, like remote charging and an authority IP accreditation. Notwithstanding, they aren’t dealbreakers.

The cost is the fundamental element while thinking about this cell phone, as it is one of the least expensive cell phones with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. So on the off chance that you need the most measure of execution without spending lavishly, the OnePlus 11 is an extraordinary gadget. Simply recall that you’re not getting the full leader experience.

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