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What do you value most about a OnePlus phone? It is a straightforward tool that you can use every day, in my opinion. It was designed for someone who enjoys using smartphones. I have recommended OnePlus phones to anyone looking for a fast and dependable Android phone ever since I first used and reviewed the OnePlus 5T. However, OnePlus’s phones have become somewhat “non-sensy” as a result of its focus on the premium market over the past few years. Take, for instance, the OnePlus 8 Pro and 7 Pro, both excellent smartphones that no longer represent the OnePlus brand.

A big smile has taken over my face as I now hold the OnePlus 8T in my hands. The OnePlus 5T, which I first used, is fundamentally the same in the OnePlus 8T. It doesn’t look like it was made to please your parents. Instead, it was designed for the younger version of yourself who does not want to make any compromises in the areas of design, reliability, or speed that are crucial. Although OnePlus may portray the Nord as a device that represents their return to their roots, in reality, it is the device that brings back the previous OnePlus—the OnePlus that we were actually fans of.

Obviously, like all smartphones, it has its own set of problems. Contrary to what other reviewers would have you believe, it is far from perfect. However, the OnePlus 8T is the phone that will always be ready for you in a world that is bound to continue. It is difficult to switch to a different phone after living with it for more than a week.


OnePlus never sticks with a single design for long, just like its motto. It continues to experiment with novel designs, frequently capturing our attention. The OnePlus 7T from the previous year stood out from a sea of phones with similar looks thanks to its distinctive design. Exactly one year later, OnePlus launches yet another innovative model. Despite this, it is not unique.

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From the back, the OnePlus 8T is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20, especially with its rectangular camera hump. This one appears to be more civilized than the circular blob on the OnePlus 7T. It is in keeping with the overall elegant design theme that runs throughout the phone. The tasteful accents all around it keep drawing attention to the camera hump, which doesn’t stand out very much.

Although the camera module itself resembles a hexa-camera configuration, there are only four cameras included—the remaining two are LED flashlights. People who are attentive to the smallest of details will find the selection of design elements to be tasty. The new Aquamarine Green color is stunning and changes color from sea green to “Nord Blue” with light. The 8T’s glossy finish helps to hide fingerprints in some way, but oily hands will still leave marks.

As a result, there are two new OnePlus cases to choose from. The bumper case in sandstone blue is my favorite, but my brother prefers the silicon case, which gives the impression of seeing inside the phone.

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Rest of the 8T has a similar OnePlus illicit relationship. Instead of the curved edge display found on the OnePlus 8, you get a flat display this time around. The chin and bezels are both slim. To lower the chin, OnePlus claims to have bent the display chips underneath. In the upper corner, there is a small punch-hole cutout for the front camera. A good grip in the hand is made possible by the matte aluminum frame and flat edges. The well-loved Alert Slider is still there, and it slides just like the ones on previous phones.

A few things to keep in mind: The display is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but the version number has not been disclosed as of this writing. OnePlus claims that it can withstand splashes, but there is no IP certified water or dust resistance. OnePlus includes a transparent bumper case and a screen protector in the box as usual.


Since last year’s OnePlus 7T, the 8T’s display has undergone the most significant upgrade. OnePlus is as yet utilizing a 1080p AMOLED show that actions 6.5-crawls across the material. As previously stated, the bezels are extremely thin, and the rounded edges provide a pleasant user experience. The AMOLED panel itself is of excellent quality and produces the distinctive “punchy” colors. The deep blacks give pictures and videos a lot of contrast. As a result, it looks good whether you’re playing Call of Duty Mobile or watching HD content on Prime Video.

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The 120Hz refresh rate is the Oneplus 8T’s most notable feature. All scrolling and transitions appear naturally smooth, similar to the display on the OnePlus 8 Pro. When you add Oxygen OS 11’s highly optimized animations to the mix, you get an experience that is currently unmatched. The higher touch sampling rate makes scrolling appear natural and helps gamers respond more quickly.

Execution and customer service:

Now, you can think about why OnePlus didn’t go with the Snapdragon 865 Plus. The Snapdragon 865, in my opinion, is more than able to handle anything Android throws at it. The most difficult things I could do on it right now are play Call of Duty: Asphalt 9 and Mobile: Legends. With the highest possible graphics settings, these two games ran flawlessly. The phone warmed up toward the camera during prolonged COD Mobile sessions, but it never dropped frames or displayed any signs of struggle.

OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 8T is not just for gaming; I used it as my daily office phone and can confidently say that it is a joy to use. Oxygen OS 11, which is based on Android 11, powers the 8T. Android 11 is the most recent version. There are divergent opinions regarding Oxygen OS 11’s layout and design; I will let you decide. The new interface and its high-end design elements appeal to me. The animations are smoother, and using up to five apps at once without straining the phone is not an issue.

I spent the majority of my days reading on the Chrome browser, co-working with colleagues on Slack, sharing photos and texts on WhatsApp, streaming music from Amazon Music and JioSaavn, and checking Twitter for updates. I also handled emails using the Outlook and Gmail apps. The OnePlus 8T asked, “Is that all you got?” as I performed some of these simultaneously. I’m still starving.

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Oxygen OS, like most custom Android skins, comes loaded with a lot of first-party extras. I didn’t get a chance to test out the new Zen Mode, which has better capabilities for disconnecting from the digital world. The OnePlus Gallery gets a new look and a Stories feature that’s similar to Facebook and Instagram’s. On a OnePlus device, new AOD options are finally available with Oxygen OS 11. OnePlus will be introducing more exciting AOD styles, including a Bitmoji AOD, in addition to some intriguing designs that are already available.

Importantly, Oxygen OS continues to function as intended despite all of the additional features. I never discovered the additional features that were encroaching on my user experience.

The stereo speaker arrangement provides acceptable audio performance. These speakers are loud enough to enjoy gaming or watching YouTube in a small room with other gamers. The audio quality isn’t great, but it’s decent. Both VoWiFi and VoLTE’s call quality was loud and clear. The 8T, like previous OnePlus phones, was able to reliably connect to Wi-Fi networks as well as mobile networks; it was the only phone I saw in recent months that did not drop calls.


The back of the OnePlus 8T features a brand-new quad-camera setup. Despite the fact that OnePlus claims it is new, 80% of the components are more than a year old. The primary lens has the same 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor, the ultra-wide lens has a 16-megapixel camera, and the monochrome lens has a 2-megapixel camera. According to OnePlus, this monochrome camera works in the camera app’s B&W filter mode. The 5-megapixel macro camera on the OnePlus 8 has been upgraded.

To be honest, this OnePlus phone’s cameras remain its weakest component. Although the primary camera is adequate for most situations, it is behind the more recent sensors on the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G and OnePlus 8 Pro. The larger sensor does not have adequate tuning to get the most out of it, even when compared to the 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone SE.

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Photos that are vibrant, bright, and sharp are best taken in daylight. In almost all of the pictures I took, I saw the typical “OnePlus oversaturation of colors.” However, OnePlus claims that it takes customer feedback into account when fine-tuning the 8T’s camera, and the majority of people are pleased with the photos it produces. As a result, it complies with the requirements of its clients and fans. I still wish there was a mode for users who want more realistic contrasts and color tones.

The camera loses some sharpness at night, but it keeps the noise under control. Nightscape now performs better than it did before and can take good pictures even when your eyes can’t see much. Although the color tones, sharpness, and saturation are off when compared to the main camera, the ultrawide camera is adequate for daylight photography. I didn’t want to use it at night, but the Nightscape mode still managed to produce usable photos, despite the lack of sharpness and details.

With great subject separation and a lot of detail, the portrait mode photos look great. The majority of the time, increased contrasts enhance colors. Only in daylight does the 5-megapixel macro camera perform well at best. In any lighting situation, I could use the main camera to get better macro shots. The monochrome 2-megapixel sensor is just a gimmick and only works with the B&W filter. The other two cameras are placeholders in the OnePlus 8T’s dual-camera setup.

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In all of these modes, I found the video quality to be impressive, and you can record videos at up to 60 frames per second. The OIS provides acceptable levels of stability, and the EIS provides additional handholding in 1080p modes. I found the videos to have vivid colors and good detail retention in daylight. Sadly, I was unable to record a video at night.

When compared to the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 8, the 16-megapixel selfie camera offers few enhancements. Portraits that looked good were taken in bright indoor lighting and daylight. However, the details soften as the light levels decrease. Nevertheless, selfie enthusiasts will be satisfied with the 8T’s camera performance.


In order to offer 65W fast charging on the 8T, OnePlus is utilizing Oppo’s twin-battery technology. OnePlus claims that it takes 40 minutes on average to recharge the battery from dead, which is slightly longer than the same time on Oppo phones. It works as advertised, and using it on a daily basis makes it very easy to spend less time at the outlets. A USB-C to USB-C cable is now used by the Warp Charge 65 adapter. In addition, other brand-name fast chargers are compatible with the 27W fast charging capability of the 8T.

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The OnePlus 8T easily lasted me more than a day on daily use. In fact, after a day and a half of moderate use with email, texting, browsing social media, and streaming music through wireless earphones, I was charging the phone. With the 120Hz refresh rate enabled, this was the case. Even though I still had 30% juice, I had to charge it every morning once I started combining light gaming with camera use. Isn’t that good?


Absolutely, the OnePlus 8T is a fantastic phone. It is on my list of phones to “buy and recommend” based on the time I spent with it. The improvements OnePlus made to the older OnePlus 8 are unquestionably worth the Rs 42,999 asking price. On this phone, I enjoy watching videos on YouTube and browsing social media. On this, I enjoy playing games without lags. I love that I don’t have to wait a long time to recharge the battery. I adore how it feels and looks in my hand.

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However, the cameras are to blame for the OnePlus 8T’s flaws, as they always are. Occasionally, the aging hardware exhibits weaknesses. I won’t lie, most of the time, it takes photos and videos that look good. However, there are a few instances when it is inferior to the competition. In addition, I’d like OnePlus to provide us with a setting that lets us take photos that look more natural. I imagine that GCam mods will soon be available for those who want to push their cameras to their limits.

The OnePlus 8T, on the other hand, is a good phone for the money when taken as a whole. It’s quick, dependable, and now looks nice to show off. For the time being, it is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a value flagship.

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