OnePlus Buds Pro Review

OnePlus Buds Pro

OnePlus sent off the OnePlus Buds, the organization’s most memorable genuine wireless earbuds last year, and there was likewise less expensive Buds Z model which was sent off later in October. The company’s first high-end TWS earbuds with support for Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which the company refers to as Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation, are the new OnePlus Buds Pro, which were introduced in India. It likewise accompanies Bluetooth 5.2 with LHDC sound codec and furthermore accompanies Twist charge and remote charging. In this way, are these the best evident remote headphones with ANC under Rs. 10,000? Allow us to jump into the survey to find out.


Assuming there is one thing that OnePlus truly nailed with these headphones, it’s the plan. The Buds Pro are truly appealing as is their case. They are extremely straightforward, but it is probably their simplicity that draws people to them. What makes them shocking to me is that their bends appear to simply move starting with one spot then onto the next, with no reasonable breaking point between the different pieces of the miniature headphones. The main thing that recognizes the shells from the stems is that the last option are painted with a metallic completion.

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They’re built very well, and I can’t find anything wrong with how they were assembled. They likewise include IP55 certificate, which guarantees the headphones will not be harmed assuming they are utilized while working out, under the downpour (or the shower) and other comparative circumstances.

They may be a problem because they don’t fit well. They are not intended to enter your ear canal but should remain at its entrance; this is made clear by the brevity of the spouts, which scarcely jut from the shell. Certain individuals may truly like this as this doesn’t provide you with that sensation of having something inside your ear that so many in-ear earphones give; On the other hand, the OnePlus Buds Pro won’t be as appealing to people like me who like a more snug fit. Utilizing ordinary eartips (for example the SpinFit CP100) mitigates this, however makes it hard to fit the headphones for their situation, so a compromise needs some assessment. The OnePlus Buds Pro are, in general, not very accommodating to large ears and are more suited to small ears (for once, I know!). and that the eartips need to be changed because the ones that come with them aren’t the best.

This abnormal fit doesn’t worthwhile motivation issues with solace, as it causes you to feel the headphones are continually going to tumble off, yet additionally with aloof separation, which is essentially non-existent. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter which earplugs you use: The OnePlus Buds Pro won’t block much noise from outside, especially in the midrange and treble, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem with fit because the company’s own app says it fits perfectly. The ironic paradox is that activating ANC negates the benefits of this technology while making these sounds stand out even more. To give you an example, Glasgow’s subway is not exactly silent, with a lot of noise in the middle and high ranges; Because the OnePlus Buds Pro do not protect you from these, you will need to turn the volume up a lot in order to hear music, which is exactly the kind of situation you want to avoid! This also means that, among other noises, human voices can still be clearly heard, so the Buds Pro won’t do much to help in a noisy office, for example.

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The case is remarkable: Because it is so small, it fits easily in a trouser pocket and is extremely easy to use. It weighs only 51 g without the headphones inside, which isn’t much. Although opening it can be a little challenging, it can be used with just one hand. It also has the rare IPX4 certification, which means that it won’t be damaged by rain or splashes of water. Inside there is a button which you can use to start the matching with non-OnePlus gadgets (as those by OnePlus get naturally matched).


For HD sound quality on supported devices, the OnePlus Buds Pro supports both the AAC codec and Bluetooth 5.2 with the LHDC Hi-Res audio codec. The majority of headsets have a connection range of around 10 meters, but the connection quality is good. The matching system is extremely simple for OnePlus (6 or later) gadgets. Simply enable Bluetooth on the OnePlus phone, remove the charging case from the headphones, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Place the Buds Pro inside the charging case with the cover open to connect to a Bluetooth device or other device other than a OnePlus phone. Press and hold the arrangement button for the situation for 2 seconds to enter Bluetooth settings. After that, pick OnePlus Buds Pro. To reestablish industrial facility settings, place the buds into the accusing instance of the cover opened. Holding down the charging case’s setup button for ten seconds will cause the indicator to flash red. The fast pair option is available, but it only works with OnePlus phones (OnePlus 6 and later). We tried it on the realme GT Pro Release and Mi 11 Ultra, and never confronted any matching or detachment issues. Since the telephone matches with the case and not the headset, you will require the case assuming you need to reconnect it or even turn on the headset on the off chance that it’s disengaged from the telephone.

On both Android and iOS, the Hey Melody app’s settings let you change the controls in a limited way. You can’t alter single press for play/delay and twofold crush for next track. Be that as it may, you can modify triple-crush and change it from past track to send off voice aide for one or the other left or right or both the miniature headphones.

You can likewise pick no less than two from Commotion undoing, Straightforwardness, Clamor crossing out off, when you contact Crush and hold either tiny headphone. Long touch and hold, which is set to launch Zen Mode Air by default, cannot be changed either.

The Mini headphones fit test choice plays music to guarantee that your ear tips make a decent seal with your ear trench for better commotion dropping. You additionally get incessant firmware refreshes for the headset that works on the quality and adds new elements.

One of my #1 highlights in the headset is the Harmony Mode Air that plays background noise. The organization says that it makes an agreeable and free space to allow you to remain on track at work effectively. You simply need to contact and hold the stem for 3 seconds to send off the Harmony Mode Air and press once to exit.

There are five options for white noise: Iceland, Warm sunrise, Mediation, Summer seashore, and Nighttime camping. You can save one white noise to the earbuds after downloading all of the sounds. Once finished, you needn’t bother with the headset to be associated with the telephone to enter the Harmony Mode Air. The sounds are provided by the OPPO Relax app, which can be found on OPPO phones. It is surprising that OPPO did not incorporate this functionality into its Enco X headset.

The company claims that the 11mm dynamic driver in the OnePlus Buds Pro is tuned for deep bass. Sound from the OnePlus Buds Pro are exceptionally clearly. The audio is clear and punchy with the LHDC enabled, with clear vocals and a good amount of bass. Highs are great, yet I felt the OPPO Enco X that has an extra 6mm adjusted layer driver improves. In AAC the sound quality isn’t vivid, yet it is great. Make sure your smartphone supports LHDC if you want the best audio from the headset because there are only a few smartphones that do so. There is likewise Dolby Atmos highlight, however it works just with viable OnePlus telephones (OnePlus 7/7 Master later) which is a bummer since Dolby Atmos highlight is additionally accessible in other cell phones. With Dolby Atmos, sound quality is far superior.

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OnePlus Sound ID is another component that allows you to make your customized sound insight. It plays various audio files that you need to listen to. In light of this, it concocts a consultation upgrade arrangement in view of your hearing qualities. The audio quality has slightly improved for me since setting this up, but this may or may not be the case for every user.

With respect to Commotion wiping out, the Dynamic Clamor Retraction (ANC) blocks the encompassing sound up to 40dB that aides by and large. When the air conditioner or fan is running, you can tell the difference between listening outdoors and inside. There are three noise cancellation modes: Default, Smart, and Max. By squeezing the earbuds, you can toggle between transparency, noise cancellation, and noise cancellation off.

The Brilliant commotion undoing choice functions admirably in impeding the clamor from 15db to 40db relying upon the commotion outside. This is effective. At the cost it works really hard, surprisingly better than the OPPO Enco X that are valued in the comparable reach. It is also superior to the less expensive Nothing ears (1). Be that as it may, the Samsung Buds Pro at a somewhat greater cost offers better commotion crossing out. I actually haven’t tried the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 by and by to contrast this and it.

This also has a Transparency mode that lets you listen to the background sound so you can see the situation around you and any potential dangers. This is a helpful component that each headset ought to have. It can turn on the straightforwardness mode consequently when you eliminate a solitary headphone. Since it has LHDC codec, it offers low-inactivity as low as 94ms that is valuable while gaming, yet it again restricted to OnePlus telephones since you need to turn on the Pro Gaming mode.

Concerning the call noise cancellation, it reduces outside noise with three ENC microphones and an AI-powered noise reduction algorithm. This functions admirably to decrease wind and traffic clamor. During my run, wind commotion was finished removed to the collector, yet the traffic clamor was faintly perceptible.


The headphones pack 40mAh battery that commitments around 7 hours of independent battery duration and 5 hours with commotion wiping out empowered. I got about 5 hours of mixed use with and without noise cancellation at about 60% volume during my run with LHDC enabled. This is palatable, yet it might have been something more. Without LHDC and commotion abrogation completely off, it went on for near 6 hours. For calls, it endures just for 3 hours since it utilizes call commotion retraction tech.

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With the 520mAh charging case, it guarantees as long as 38 hours of absolute battery duration without ANC and 28 hours of complete battery duration with clamor crossing out empowered. I got around 30 hours with blended use, which is nice. The go-ahead for the situation demonstrates that the battery is high, and it becomes red when it is low. When the earbuds are inserted into the case, the HeyMelody app also displays the remaining charge. Accusing the case completely of the headphones requires about 60 minutes. It likewise has quick charge, so you get 10 hours (charging case + mini headphones consolidated) of playback with 10 minutes of charging. The charging case likewise offers remote charging, so you can essentially drop your headphones onto a Qi Remote charging cushion.


By and large, the OnePlus Buds Pro offers a splendid sound quality with great clamor crossing out and call commotion wiping out at the cost. Additionally, it has a case with a matte finish and a slim design. Despite the fact that it has remote charging and quick charging, independent battery duration will be less assuming you use LHDC, ANC and furthermore settle on decisions. Valued at Rs 9,990, it will be accessible from and as well as OnePlus Experience Stores and accomplice stores beginning from August 26th.

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