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It has been some time since OnePlus has entered another market portion. The organization has been consistently extending their arrangement of gadgets in India, presently going from televisions, Screens, and headphones. The most current section the organization is entering is the Android tablet market, and the primary gadget to send off is the OnePlus Pad.

The tablet market in India is overwhelmed by Apple, Samsung and Lenovo. Has OnePlus made a sufficiently convincing tablet to influence clients over to their side? Peruse on in my survey to find out.


With regards to plan, the OnePlus Pad settles on a humble and unpretentious methodology. Its adjusted sides consistently converge with a smooth aluminum compound metal back, enhanced in an engaging green shade. The back board includes an outspread example exuding from the roundabout camera module, adding a dash of visual interest. While the general tasteful is satisfying, there are no weighty components that put this equipment aside from its rivals.

One region that merits acknowledgment is the angle proportion picked by OnePlus. With a 7:5 proportion, the OnePlus Pad offers a somewhat more extensive showcase than Macintosh’s iPad, finding some kind of harmony that is appropriate for consuming composed content. It strikes an amicable center ground between the 16:9 and 16:10 proportions, making it an optimal arrangement for general utilization.

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On the left half of the gadget, you’ll find the power button and ports for two of the four amplifiers, while the right side is home to the excess two speakers and a USB port. At the last, three contact plates give advantageous admittance to the attractive console, improving efficiency.

OnePlus has additionally distributed space for a discretionary pointer at the top side of the gadget. A pill-molded design on the right side shows the inductive charging region for the pointer, while the left side is decorated with volume buttons and a receiver. Situated on the bezel underneath this edge is a 8MP front camera.

The back side of the OnePlus Pad houses a camera module and elements a continuous line devoted to radio recieving wires. The back cover flaunts a consistent unibody plan, albeit the line may infrequently become noticeable relying upon the lighting conditions. It’s quite significant that the metal back is inclined to smircesh, requiring some consideration. In any case, it’s critical to specify that the gadget doesn’t accompany confirmed residue and water entrance security.

One eminent exclusion from the OnePlus Pad is the shortfall of a unique finger impression scanner, as the tablet depends exclusively on passwords for gadget security.

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Concerning construct quality, the tablet metallic form oozes a feeling of solidness The edges of the gadget are delicately bended with a 2.5D plan, upgrading the general solace and ergonomics, making it a delight to hold.

Display and Audio:

Highlighting an IPS LCD board and a goal of 2800 x 2000 pixels, the OnePlus Cushion presents a one of a kind 7:5 viewpoint proportion. Conveying consistent visuals, the showcase intrigues with its high revive pace of up to 144Hz. Strikingly, the showcase accomplishes an exceptional 10-bit variety yield by shrewdly using a 8-cycle board joined with FRC innovation.

While the OnePlus Pad may not be explicitly intended for elite execution gaming encounters, it succeeds in working with efficiency undertakings, perusing, and video utilization. The LCD’s responsiveness and rich variety profundity impeccably supplement these exercises.

Separating itself from numerous other very good quality tablets that utilize OLED boards, the OnePlus Pad includes a first class LCD show. It guarantees steady differentiation and variety proliferation, whether saw head-on or from a point, killing any twisting.

The OnePlus Pad stands apart with its remarkable degree of detail and fair splendor. Arriving at a pinnacle splendor of 500 nits, it offers good iridescence. In addition, the tablet upholds HDR arrangements like Dolby Vision, improving the visual experience and making Programs seem dazzling.

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The Striking method of the showcase displays dynamic and energetic varieties, in spite of the fact that it may not offer ideal variety precision. On the off chance that you favor exact varieties, change to Regular mode which is exceptionally variety precise result for review sRGB variety space and DCI-P3 tones. OnePlus has given Nature Tone Show highlight which is intended to naturally adjust the screen’s variety temperature in view of the encompassing light circumstances, successfully remedying the white equilibrium to accomplish a nonpartisan appearance.

Besides, the sound nature of the OnePlus Pad is similarly amazing. Its quad-speaker design powerfully changes in light of the tablet’s direction, conveying a wonderful sound system impact. This vivid sound presentation upgrades the satisfaction in satisfied without the requirement for earphones.

While the speakers may not be the most intense in contrast with different gadgets, they succeed regarding clearness and bass reaction, outperforming most contenders. This makes the OnePlus Pad a flat out joy for watching YouTube and Netflix content inside the solace of your home.

Software and Performance:

As far as programming, the OnePlus Pad works on Android 13, supplemented by OxygenOS 13.1. Albeit the product has been explicitly improved for tablets, it presents a few distinctions contrasted with the UI found on OnePlus cell phones. With regards to the launcher, clients have the choice to either have all symbols showed on the home screen, likened to the iPad, or use an application cabinet. The tablet variant of OnePlus operating system accompanies a few sharp highlights. For example, when in scene mode, a two-finger swipe down from the focal point of the showcase empowers a helpful split view mode. This usefulness requires a viable application to be now open, and as you start the swipe motion, a line shows up on the screen. Hence, you can choose another application to open close by the first, working with consistent performing various tasks between the two.

Moreover, the OnePlus Pad offers a few combinations with OnePlus cell phones. These incorporations include the capacity to share information across gadgets and easily move one-time passwords without the requirement for manual replicating to the tablet.

Underneath the outer layer of the OnePlus Pad lies the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 SoC, highlighting a 8-center computer processor and Mali-G710 MC10 GPU. Helped by 8GB of Smash and 128GB of stockpiling, the gadget offers significant execution. In any case, it’s essential to take note of that there is no arrangement for capacity development by means of a microSD opening. While the Dimensity 9000 chip might be somewhat more seasoned, it stays comparable to the processors found in lead telephones from 2022, like the Vivo X80. Its central processor execution is similar to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, while its GPU execution lines up with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. With the gadget’s quick revive rate, one could expect it to ideal for game.

In specific viewpoints, this supposition turns out as expected. It outflanks most other Android tablets we have tried, yet the mix of high-goal gaming and the gadget’s capacities influences generally speaking execution.

Gaming execution misses the mark with regards to well known FPS titles. The accessible exhibition doesn’t get the job done to run games at the local goal with a stable 60FPS easily. Prominently, a few games we tried, including Genshin Effect and Fortnite, battled to run appropriately on the gadget, showing incredibly low goal. This issue could be credited to the presentation’s non-standard goal and angle proportion blend. Notwithstanding the diminished delivering goal, these games actually experienced outline drops.

It shouldn’t come as a huge shock, as Android tablets seldom include the most recent and most remarkable chips. In any case, a speedy look at the opposition uncovers that the OnePlus Pad keeps a praiseworthy degree of seriousness, as most opponent gadgets show second rate execution.


For Biometric validation, the OnePlus Pad just backings Face Open with the forward looking camera. While it is advantageous to utilize, it isn’t extremely secure, so I don’t involve it so much. Tragically, there could be no alternate method of biometric verification upheld. It is confusing that OnePlus didn’t incorporate a finger impression sensor into the power button, which has been the answer for Android tablets from different brands. Perhaps in the following adaptation they will add it.

For the present, there could be no other simple approach to opening the tablet, and it is a piece irritating.


The attractive console fundamentally upgrades the OnePlus Pad, changing it from a simple video-seeing screen into a flexible device for content creation and online cooperation. While the console is an extra buy, it incredibly further develops text input contrasted with touchscreen consoles or voice composing additional items.

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Then again, the OnePlus Stylo pointer feels like a discretionary expansion instead of an essential piece of the bundle. While certain people, especially those in designs related fields or requiring a helpful info technique, may find esteem in the pointer, its utilization case might be less generally relevant. The pointer joins attractively, though with a feeling of delicacy, and advantages from remote charging when associated with the tablet.

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It’s actually quite significant that OnePlus has excluded programming that completely saddles the capability of the pointer. Albeit the default Notes application is accessible, the OnePlus Pad needs devoted programming that shows a significant obligation to the tablet/pointer blend. In any case, future programming updates might address this limit.


The OnePlus Pad includes a solitary 13-megapixel back camera with self-adjust and Drove streak. It upholds video recording up to 4K at 30fps. The camera on the back catches fair picture quality for a tablet, with great variety multiplication, dynamic reach, and good detail levels. It is appropriate for relaxed photography and catching archives.

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On the front, there is a 8-megapixel ultrawide camera with fixed center, equipped for recording up to 1080p video at 30fps.

the front camera creates nice looking pictures and recordings, living up to the assumptions for video calls. While the ultrawide selfie camera adds a smart idea, it might need sharpness at longer distances. The ultrawide selfie camera offers additional usefulness called Spotlight during video calls. This component perceives faces in the casing and keeps the view fixated on them by trimming.


The OnePlus Pad flaunts a significant 9510mAh battery, which flaunts extraordinary life span, professing to give a month of reserve time or as long as 12 hours of consistent video playback. Since getting the gadget three weeks prior and charging it at first, we have been using it for light undertakings, for example, email checking, web perusing, and a few substance gushing in the nights. Surprisingly, the battery duration has intrigued us with its perseverance. We have just re-energized it just a modest bunch of times.

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At the point when the opportunity arrives for re-energizing, the OnePlus Pad upholds quick 67W charging, considering a total re-energize in roughly 80 minutes. This charging speed is above and beyond, taking into account the decreased recurrence of charging contrasted with cell phones. It is fundamental to guarantee the procurement of the fitting charger to completely use this quick charging capacity.


For their most memorable endeavor at an Android tablet, OnePlus has worked really hard. The tablet looks perfect, has strong particulars and has a novel showcase. Watching media is enchanting, and you can be extremely valuable with OnePlus Keyboard and Stylo. The Dimensity 9000 SoC is perfect for playing Android games, and the battery endures a decent while. 67W quick charging permits you to get two or three hours of use in a brief time as well. I simply wish it

At a beginning cost of Rs. 37999, the OnePlus Pad is exceptionally positioned in the tablet market. It undermines the passage level iPad and is a lot less expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8. It offers a vastly improved encounter than the tablets from Realme and Xiaomi, yet those are far less expensive. On the off chance that you are searching for an exceptional Android tablet, yet don’t have any desire to pay out huge load of cash for Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet, then, at that point, the OnePlus Pad is an extraordinary choice.

The OnePlus Pad is estimated at Rs 37,999 for the 8GB + 128GB variation and the 12GB + 256GB variation costs Rs 39,999. The OnePlus Attractive Console is estimated at costs 7,999 and OnePlus Stylo costs 4,999.

It is accessible from, Flipkart, OnePlus online store and disconnected stores including OnePlus Experience stores and select Dependence and Croma stores.

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