OPPO Enco Air2 Pro Review

OPPO Enco Air2 Pro

OPPO sent off its most recent financial plan ANC wireless earbuds— the OPPO Enco Air2 Pro in India recently. This has dynamic drivers measuring 12.4 millimeters, a 94 millisecond low latency game mode, and Bluetooth 5.2 with the AAC audio codec included. Anyway, are these great TWS mini earbuds in range? Allow us to figure out in this audit.


Oppo has kept the plan language of the Enco Air2 Expert equivalent to its other premium TWS headphones. The Oppo Enco Air2 Pro comes with a glossy plastic case in the shape of a pebble. The upper cover of the case has a clear cap that looks alluring and feels significantly better in the hand. The cover makes a clicking sound at whatever point you close the case. It is fun opening and shutting the case with the tip of your finger. However, due to its size, the case will occupy additional pocket space.

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There is a Type-C charging port and a small LED light on the bottom of the device at the front. The Oppo logo is stepped on the pivot of the case. White and grey are the two color options for the Oppo Enco Air2 Pro. We have the first, which appears appealing. In any case, I would prescribe you to go for the dark variation. Why? Tragically, the case is inclined to scratches, and in something like fourteen days of my utilization, the white case is brimming with them. Likewise, the white tone is by all accounts blurring, and it won’t be a shock on the off chance that it turns pale in half a month.

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Opening the case uncovers two tiny earbuds appended firmly with the magnets. The earbuds are comfortable to wear for a long time due to their stem-like design, in-ear fit, and silicone ear tips. Oppo has given various sizes of ear tips to make the fit more agreeable for everybody.

We wore the Enco Air2 Pro’s for a few weeks, playing games, watching movies, and listening to music, and never once did we feel uncomfortable.

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Because these earbuds have in-ear detection, the song will stop playing when you take them out and resume when you put them back in. The feature is responsive and works well, but sometimes when I put them on, the song doesn’t start up again. You can rest assured that the earbuds will be shielded from splashes of water and dust thanks to their IP54 rating. This implies you can utilize these during your exercises. I additionally left with them in the downpour, and they turned out great.


The Enco Air2 Pro backings Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC great sound codec. Since the case doesn’t have a button for matching, you really want to remove your headphones from the charging case and contact and hang on both headphones for 4 seconds. Presently open the Bluetooth settings on the telephone, and it appears as OPPO Enco Air2 Pro, and you can interface with it. If you have a ColorOS-based phone, it displays the battery life of the case and the buds. Pop-Open Open-Up Flash Connect is how OPPO refers to it.

The headset has Brilliant wear location that can detect when they’re in the ear and naturally stop the music when taken out and continue when you set back. This likewise brings double gadget association that allows you to interface with two gadgets simultaneously, and the switch happens consistently. You can switch gadgets with a long press of 4 seconds. When you open the camera app, you can also double-tap any bud to take a picture. However, you need an OPPO phone with ColorOS 11.3+.

It doesn’t have Google quick pair support. You can reconnect the phone without the case because it pairs with the headset.

You can tweak the controls from the settings in the Hello Song application on Android or iOS. This works without a different application in OPPO telephones running ColorOS 11 or later. Controls for double-tap and triple-tap can be changed. The triple tap is set to empower game mode naturally.

The Enco Buds Air2 Pro has a custom-made large rear chamber, a 12.4mm titanium-coated diaphragm driver, and promises deeper bass and a balanced sound.

There is a Bass Boost mode that provides an enhanced bass experience in addition to the Original sound. Podcasts benefit from clear vocals. With the AAC empowered, sound quality is great with clear vocals and great measure of bass, on account of the 12.4mm driver that handles high, center and low frequencies well.

The Buds Air2 has a lower latency of 80 milliseconds, but the low-latency gaming mode reduces the latency to 94 milliseconds, making it useful for gaming.

The earbuds provide a satisfactory level of noise isolation, and the dual microphones aid in voice clarity during calls. The headphones likewise lessen the foundation clamor partially that aides in a swarmed or boisterous climate and wind when you are voyaging, because of its man-made intelligence commotion dropping calculation. At the cost it’s great, however when you are in a noisy climate, for example, weighty traffic, it doesn’t function admirably.

As to Commotion retraction, the Dynamic Clamor Scratch-off (ANC) blocks the surrounding sound up to 25db. At the cost, it works effectively, however the realme Buds Air 3 at a somewhat more exorbitant cost label offers 42dB clamor wiping out. The transparency mode is very effective.


With ANC off, the OPPO Enco Air2 Pro has a playback time of seven hours. During our use, it endured around six hours which isn’t precise yet close to the case. The case gives extra charging cycles, which takes the absolute battery duration to close to 18 hours. Again, it’s acceptable, but nowhere near as long as the company claims.

With ANC turned on, the battery duration endures a shot, and during our use, it endured a sum of 3.5 hours.

The case’s 440 mAh battery can be charged in about two hours and fully supports fast charging. As a result, you can enjoy two hours of playback after charging it for ten minutes, which is sufficient.


Generally, OPPO Enco Air2 Pro is an element stuffed genuine wireless earbuds with dynamic clamor dropping (ANC) you can get at a cost of Rs 3499. It offers great sound quality, up to 25db clamor undoing which is enough in general, accompanies adaptable controls including volume controls, and the battery duration is great also. It is available at both traditional retail locations and the OPPO online store.

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