OPPO Enco Air3 Review

OPPO sent off its most recent financial plan wireless earbuds — the OPPO Enco Air3 in India today. This model keeps the predecessor’s 13.4mm dynamic drivers, but it has improved battery life, a 47ms low latency game mode, and Bluetooth 5.3 with the AAC audio codec. So, are these excellent TWS earbuds within reach? In this review, let us discover.


As we introduced in our initial feelings article, the instance of the Oppo Enco Air3 looks perfect right away. The “Glaze White” finish gives it the appearance of a large candy that you would have begged your parents to buy when you were young. The case has a double tone finish, with the top being clear and the remainder of the body strong white. There’s a light dim hued marking on the cover, which we think fits well.

There is a lot of text visible when you turn the case around. Like a great deal! The bud has information about every kind of clearance and compliance. Also, on the pivot, which regrettably, is plastic and not metal, you find the Oppo Enco marking. Looking into it, we likewise get to see a USB-C sort port, which can be utilized to finish off the 300mAh battery of the case.

At the point when you flip the case open, you find the tiny headphones resting in their depression. They likewise sport a truly unobtrusive double tone finish, with the stem having a semi-clear completion, with the remainder of the body of the miniature headphones being strong white. On the stem’s top, there are touch controls and contact pads for chagrin on the inside. The curve of the headphones has a half-in-ear plan, which caused a commotion among the people at the Test Place.

This is where our most memorable worries rose to the top. As we have kept up with in our prior surveys too, we honestly hate the half-in-ear plan on headphones. This is on the grounds that at whatever point a bud accompanies this plan, its opportunity fitting totally in various individuals’ ears drops by a ton. Even when we distributed the earbuds throughout the Test Centre, they did not consistently fit our fellow reviewers’ ears.

A typical plan with a replaceable silicon or froth tip, we feel, ought to have been the best approach, taking into account that these headphones are evaluated at around ₹3,000 (pre-request cost checked at the hour of composing). One of the market’s most competitive and sought-after price ranges is represented by these earbuds. As a result, the best option should be a product that can be further customized. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are anticipating getting a couple of these headphones, we’d suggest you evaluate the fit prior to spending your well deserved cash.

Additionally, we are not particularly fond of the case and buds’ glossy finish. On numerous occasions, buds at the Test Community, which have a shiny completion, have demonstrated to lose their tasteful appeal over an extensive stretch of day to day use. Additionally, we are confident that the same would occur to these earbuds. In about seven days of purpose by the commentator, the buds and the case had fired getting scratches, which is rarely a decent sign.

Yet, feel are not the most important thing in the world of an item, so let us view the elements, execution, and battery duration of the miniature headphones.


The 13.4-millimeter polymer composite driver, Flagship-grade N48 neodymium magnets, and 1.9 meters of copper-aluminum alloy coils in the OPPO Enco Air2 deliver rich, textured bass, but average mids and highs. According to OPPO, a brand-new high-end digital signal processor and the Tensilica Cadence HiFi 5 architecture, both of which provide 25 times more processing power, have been added for more precise performance than the previous model.

Sound from the headphones are clearly. If you’re listening to podcasts or talk shows, you can choose clear vocals instead of the default settings, or you can use the Bass boost option for music. If you are close to a crowded area, you will clearly hear the outside noise because these are not in-ear headphones with a tight seal like ear tips.

OPPO has likewise added a spatial sound component in the headphones for a vivid sound climate, and the organization says that main certain music, video and game applications support the spatial sound element. This can be knowledgeable about music applications like Spotify,

OPPO says that the Enco Buds include wise DNN model-based commotion scratch-off, which utilizes a brilliant calculation to recognize human voices from foundation clamors when you’re on a call. When used for calls outdoors, it does not eliminate traffic or wind noise, but voice clarity was good for calls inside. For the price, these have decent call quality and good audio quality overall.


The OPPO Enco Air2 support Bluetooth 5.3 with AAC great sound codec. The association range is around 10 meters, which is normal in many headsets, and the association quality is great. Simply opening the case with the earbuds is all that is required to pair them. You are now able to connect to the OPPO Enco Air3 when you open the phone’s Bluetooth settings. There is likewise Google quick pair choice which coordinates the headset with the telephone immediately.

It likewise adds double matching to coordinate two gadgets all at once, and switch between them without any problem. The touch controls are not difficult to access since the stem of the headphones is long.

Volume control is a decent expansion, and there is likewise a solitary tap control for play and respite, which you can’t remap, yet it is impaired and should be empowered physically from the application.

You can anyway remap the twofold tap or triple tap choices. When you open the camera, you can also double-tap any bud to take a picture, but you need an OPPO phone with ColorOS 11.3+.

For ColorOS devices, the Bluetooth settings offer customization options. If you’re using an Android or iOS device, the Hey Melody app, you can change the controls in the app’s settings.


In our tests, the Oppo Enco Air3’s battery lasted five and a half hours, rather than the six hours claimed by the company. The earbuds’ total battery life now stands at 22 hours thanks to the case, which allowed for approximately four additional charges with some juice left over.

A USB-C port on the case allows you to charge the earbuds’ 27 mAh battery with the 300 mAh battery inside. The majority of the time, the battery drain on both earbuds remained consistent. There was a distinction of a percent or two in battery levels. While that might be a worry for individuals who channel their mini headphones frequently as they might have to involve one bud for a couple of moments. However, in any case, it’s anything but an issue.


Overall, the OPPO Enco Air3 are affordable Bluetooth TWS earbuds that offer loud, bass-driven audio, custom sound effect options, dual pairing, Google Fast Pair, and IP54 ratings. They also maintain customizable controls, including volume controls, and the standalone battery life is longer than it was in the previous model.

Call quality might in any case be improved, and since this has a half in-ear plan, you don’t get latent commotion dropping.

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