OPPO Reno7 Pro Review

OPPO Reno7 Pro

Recently, OPPO sent off new models in their mid-range Reno line-up of cell phones, in particular the Reno7 and the Reno7 Pro. On paper, apparently OPPO has made just minor changes to the two gadgets, fundamentally in the plan, and have kept on estimating them close to other very good quality cell phones from OnePlus and Xiaomi. Given that it is similar to the model from last year, is the Reno7 Pro pricey? Peruse on in my survey.


Let’s begin this review by discussing the device’s design. As has been the situation with past age Reno telephones, the Oppo Reno7 Pro is a very gorgeous telephone. It has a boxy, thin design language that gives it a very high-end appearance. It is, in my opinion, possibly one of the phones with the best looks not only in its market segment but also across all price ranges.

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From its close to bezel-less presentation to its back board, the telephone looks and feels premium, and intrigues with its lovely, eye-getting plan. This is because Oppo has improved the device’s design language in a number of positive ways. The Reno7 Pro, for instance, has the smallest bezel ever seen on a Reno smartphone at 1.5 millimeters.

The Reno7 Pro also has what the company describes as an aircraft-grade Shooting Star design with 1.2 million micro-lines and an engraving depth of 8 micrometers. The cell phone likewise includes the organization’s Circle breathing light around the back camera module. Because of the interesting carving procedure utilized by the organization, the falling star configuration gives the telephone an unobtrusively shimmering finish. In general, the telephone follows a moderate methodology, with just the double step camera module the main component shouting out for consideration.

However, how can this be put to use in the real world? In fact, the combination of all of these components gives the phone an extremely high-end appearance that is not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to hold.


Moving on to the display, we have a 6.55-inch full-HD+ AMOLED panel that can refresh at a rate of 90 Hz. As an AMOLED panel, we also get support for the Always-On-Display (AOD) feature on this 20:9 display, which also supports HDR10+.

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As far as execution, the showcase is great. It’s not the brightest phone panel we’ve seen in recent memory, peaking at 800 nits. Notwithstanding, it ended up being brilliant enough in most lighting conditions – – including use under direct daylight. We tested the phone’s display using both the Vivid and Gentle color profiles, which can be found in the device’s display settings, during our review. The Vivid profile appears to be calibrated for covering a wider color range by attempting to hit the wider DCI-P3 color space, whereas the latter is calibrated for accuracy in the sRGB color space. We tried both these variety profiles for exactness and Range inclusion, just to accomplish blended results.

The display performed exceptionally well in the real world. It looks and performs like any other panel that has been installed on an Oppo phone in the past. It certainly paired up to our assumptions as it offered great brilliance levels as well as figured out how to recreate energetic and punchy colors. Aside from this, the showcase likewise offers great review points and text clarity.


In terms of display and design, the phone did not disappoint us, but in terms of hardware and performance, it did leave us wanting a little more. However, before we get to the experimental outcomes and enlighten you concerning our involvement in the gadget, we should rapidly move the particulars.

MediaTek Dimensity 1200

Thus, the Reno7 Pro carries with it a Dimensity 1200 Max chipset matched with 12GB of Smash and 256GB of stockpiling. This is an overhaul on the Dimensity 1200 SoC tracked down on the Reno6 Pro last year – – yet for the most part in name. Oppo claims that Oppo’s “MAX” Dimensity 1200 SoC provides more enhanced performance in key areas than the original 1200 SoC from last year. This is an entirely custom chip.

Presently the case is valid. The chipset improves execution over the Oppo Reno6 Pro, yet on the off chance that that is a result of an all the more impressive chipset, or essentially in light of the fact that the Dimensity 1200 SoC is a more developed stage currently, is something we don’t know about.

In benchmarks, the telephone improved scores in computer chip weighty tests, for example, AnTuTu, Geekbench and PCMark when contrasted with the Oppo Reno6 Pro from a year ago. In any case, its scores were no place near those timed by contending gadgets, for example, the OnePlus 9RT and the Xiaomi 11T Pro which are controlled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. The equivalent was the situation for GPU tests like 3DMark Natural life and furthermore GFXBench.

Despite the fact that not quite as great as the aftereffects of the Snapdragon 888 SoC telephones, the benchmark execution of the Reno7 Pro meant adequate execution in gaming and everyday undertakings. Notwithstanding, it’s critical to add we saw some degree of shakiness while messing around on the gadget. The issue here could possibly be the thermals as we saw the telephone’s chipset likewise being choked to around 70% of its presentation in the computer processor Choking Test.


The Reno7 Pro ships with ColorOS 12, but it is built on Android 11 rather than Android 12. However, oppo says that the telephone will get a move up to Android 12 soon.

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With a few new features like Omoji, new icons, PC Connect, Smart Sidebar, and a few new accessibility options, ColorOS 12 feels like a refined version of ColorOS 11. Numerous adjustments have been made to the animations, and there are also some nice privacy features. For instance, there is a component called “Hostile to peeping”, where the telephone will conceal flag notices on the off chance that it distinguishes another person is checking your telephone out. Additionally, the phone is compatible with their RAM expansion technology, which converts some of the ROM into RAM. When turned on, clients can decide to grow the Smash by either 3GB, 5GB or 7GB, and during my audit, I never confronted lulls from the Slam getting topped off.

There are no promotions displayed in ColorOS 12, but there were a ton of pre-introduced applications once the telephone was set up, including DailyHunt, Snapchat, Josh, SoLoop, and so on. Except for OPPO’s first-party apps, most of these are uninstallable. Other than this, there were a couple of periodic bugs however generally, there aren’t any significant trouble spots in ColorOS.

The Reno7 Pro supports face unlock in addition to having an under-display fingerprint sensor for biometrics. The fingerprint sensor’s current position is satisfactory and was simple to access. The opening velocity, while not the quickest I’ve encountered, is sufficient.

The phone’s front-facing camera also supports face unlock, but because it only uses an RGB sensor, I didn’t feel very safe using it.

There is a default Music application pre-introduced with ColorOS 12, with the normal arrangement of highlights, but it doesn’t accompany a FM Radio application. The speakers on the Reno7 Pro have been moved up to double speakers, which is far superior than a mono-speaker. Nonetheless, the strength of the earpiece speaker isn’t exceptionally high. It appears that the bottom speaker and the earpiece speaker are 70 percent louder than one another.

It highlights Widewine L1 support, Netflix HD certificate and Amazon Prime Video HD certificate, which empowers HD playback in well known streaming applications. However, it only supports HDR certification for Netflix, not Amazon Prime Video.

The phone does have two nano SIM card slots; the first slot supports up to 4G LTE while the second slot supports 5G SA/NSA. It also supports VoLTE, and I had no issues with calls during my review. The small “+” symbol next to the 4G mark indicates that it also supports carrier aggregation.

It has support for Wi-Fi 6 with 2 × 2 MIMO and MU-MIMO capacities, alongside Bluetooth 5.2. The Reno7 Pro’s SAR value was reported as – Head SAR: 1.03W/Kg, Body SAR: 0.78W/Kg. These qualities are adequate and well beneath the breaking point determined in India.


Continuing on toward the currency creators for the telephone – – indeed, we’re discussing the cameras of the Reno7 Pro. Oppo has invested some parcel of energy into guaranteeing a better than expected photography experience with its Reno7 Pro. Being an area of concentration for the telephone, we see the organization outfit the gadget with noteworthy cameras enhanced by a large group of highlights to hoist its presentation.

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The telephone accompanies a fascinating arrangement of cameras. Of these, the two the 50MP essential camera with Sony IMX766 sensor and, surprisingly, the 8MP super wide-point focal point won over be great increments during our tests. Nonetheless, we found the 2-megapixel full scale focal point turning out to be on the telephone just to make up the numbers.

The primary lens offers good results in darker environments due to its design, which allows it to capture a lot of data even in low light situations. The telephone’s Night Mode is most certainly a flawless expansion to the gadget and a speedy approach to topping off pictures with more light than really exists in the edge. Be that as it may, we tracked down its outcomes to not be the most dependable.

Furthermore, in sufficiently bright circumstances, it performs basically as great as any top of the line or even premium-fragment telephone on the lookout. With a lot of natural light, these pictures look clean and bright. These shots also have a good dynamic range, and the colors are also accurate and rich. The focal point likewise catches a lot of detail which helps in the event that you zoom or yield a picture.

The optional focal point likewise figures out how to catch good pictures in sufficiently bright circumstances, nonetheless, low light execution passes on a little to be wanted. As we referenced previously, the exhibition of the full scale focal point didn’t satisfy our hopes as a rule, as the telephone didn’t figure out how to click great large scale shots, no matter what the lighting conditions.

The Reno7 Pro’s front camera is also interesting. This is an IMX709 sensor with a RGBW combination unit. This focal point again offers a plan that assists it with catching a ton of light no matter what the lighting condition. The post-handling of these selfies is additionally great, assisting the telephone with catching precise complexions and skin subtleties.


The 4500mAh battery in the Oppo Reno7 Pro is the same size as the Reno6 Pro’s. It has a capacity of 4500 mAh, which is sufficient to keep the phone running for at least a day without needing to charge it.

In any case, that is in the event that you’re a moderate client. For weighty clients, the telephone will give you under a day’s utilization on a charge. Furthermore, when the telephone runs out of charge, it tends to be immediately bested up utilizing the gadget’s 65W SuperVOOC quick charger which can top off the battery totally in around 35 minutes.

The Reno 6 Pro’s battery performance is pretty much the same as this year’s. Since the company should have upgraded this section, it would have been better.


The OPPO Reno7 Pro is a minor redesign from last year’s OPPO Reno6 Pro, which I had checked on decidedly. The Reno7 Pro has better design, a better build, a great display, good cameras, and a long battery life. Other little redesigns incorporate the double speakers, an improved selfie camera, and I love the combination of the notice light into the camera knock. I truly trust OPPO adds that element into more cell phones. The phone’s weaknesses continue to be its subpar video shooting performance and poor macro sensor output, just like they were last year.

At Rs 39990, the Reno7 Pro is evaluated near cell phones from OnePlus and Xiaomi, some of which contain the more remarkable Snapdragon 888 processor . It has numerous up-sides and a couple of negatives, however so does the OnePlus 9RT and Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro, which is somewhat more costly yet has a superior processor and show.

I can recommend the OPPO Reno7 Pro to you if the camera experience, such as the Bokeh Flare Portrait video feature, and the numerous ColorOS customization options are important to you.

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