Redmi Smart Band Review

Redmi Smart Band

The fitness tracker known as the Redmi Smart Band was introduced to India last month by the Redmi brand of Xiaomi. The built-in charging port, a color LCD full-touch display, and a number of features, including music controls and more, are included in this. Here is my review after using the most recent Xiaomi fitness band for almost a month.


The design of the Redmi Smart Band is very boxy, giving the impression that you are wearing a rectangle display module on your wrist. However, at only 13 grams, it is extremely light and will quickly become ingrained in your system. The natural position is ideal for natural sleep tracking and provides long-term comfort.

There is no irritation or decay on the band’s soft material. You can wear it while doing the dishes or swimming because it is 5ATM water resistant. The metal buckle is secure enough to prevent any accidental openings. Given how light it is, it’s important to have a secure strap because you might not notice when it falls off.

The band’s ability to charge via direct USB is another great feature. Because a USB port is on the body of the tracker and can be plugged directly into an adapter by removing one side of the strap, there is no need to carry around a tiny wire or charging pod. To fully charge, it takes approximately two hours.

Because the USB port is made of plastic, I would advise being a little cautious with it. Use light pressure when removing the strap. Although not widespread, a few adapters were having trouble charging the band due to loose connections. When you’re on the move, just make sure you have a reliable brick.


On the front is a 1.08-inch tone and contact show with a goal of 128 x 220 pixels. It lacks an OLED panel, unlike the Mi Smart Band, and the maximum brightness is disappointing. To see a notification or activity in direct sunlight, you will need to keep one hand on it and strain your eyes.

However, the brightness can still be controlled. The touch detection on the display is terrible and frequently fails. This is certainly not a distant occurrence on the grounds that different clients have detailed a comparable issue. It’s UI depends on signals, and there’s a capacitive button on the base. The accuracy is inconsistent and the swipes barely register. Xiaomi made a terrible display by cutting corners, which will test your patience.

I only didn’t like this part of the band. The screen is a major deterrent, despite the fact that its price is very reasonable. It doesn’t show off all of the other features that make this fitness tracker so powerful.

Lastly, although the display is large enough, the notifications are difficult to read. Pixels are handily seen, and I’d need to respite and zero in on the showcase to peruse the warnings. The process doesn’t feel natural, and it’s hard to see the notifications while driving. Since the wearable is meant to function as an extension of my phone while I’m driving or riding, this kind of defeats the purpose of the device. You can’t change the size of the text.

Raise to Wake, Watch Faces, Weather, and Alarms are just a few of its useful features. There is no app store because it is not a smartwatch. However, you can customize a watch face to your liking from a wide selection. This doesn’t look old or boring and adds a handy personalization layer.


It also has controls for music. When the band is connected to the phone, you can view the music control panel by simply swiping from left to right on the touch screen. This panel lets you play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume when you play music or other content like videos or music. In contrast to the Mi Band 5, it does not have camera controls.

Steps, distance covered, and calorie burned are displayed in the status option. You can also see how long you have been sitting still by looking at the idle alerts count. The app lets you control the duration of this. There is likewise pulse choice to rapidly gauge your pulse in couple of moments. When the band is connected to the phone, a weather option is also displayed. It also displays the five-day forecast.

The workout feature, which includes outdoor running, exercise, cycling, fast walking, and a treadmill, comes next. However, unlike the Mi Band 4 and 5, it cannot track swimming. Sleep tracking is similar to Mi Band in that it shows awake time as well as light and deep sleep. Even though I had slept for seven hours, it showed that I had 4 hours and 16 minutes of sleep, which is accurate in Mi Band 5. The standing choice is another element that records assuming you stand or move around for over 1 moment soon. It says that you should stand at least 12 times.

Steps tracking is satisfactory, but it is not as accurate as the Mi Band 4 or 5 For exercises, it cautions that defeats will not be recorded for running or strolling, on the off chance that the band isn’t associated with the telephone since it snatches GPS information from the telephone because of absence of inherent GPS. Obtaining GPS data from the phone takes some time. It shows time, distance and speed for exercises like running. To pause, resume, or stop a workout in the middle, press and hold the touch button. After you finish the workout, a few seconds are added because it takes a few seconds to pause or stop.

My running stats include heart rate zones, GPS data, total time, average speed, calories burned, average speed, and time for every 1 km. The results for cycling and other workouts are comparable.

You can also enable DND from the band by selecting the auto DND option, which kicks in when you fall asleep. There is also an alarm, stopwatch, timer, finder that turns on the phone’s alarm when it is connected via Bluetooth, and a theme option that lets you change the face of the band’s watch.

The Redmi Band utilizes Drove lights and photograph diodes to enlighten the vein for some time and screens the pulse through the difference in green light retained, like the more seasoned models. While it is impossible to guarantee this to be 100% accurate, both active and resting heart rate recordings are acceptable. It has a lot in common with the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5. The app or the button can be used to check your heart rate. It stores the date and time of the data. It does not measure your heart rate continuously and takes between five and ten seconds to do so; however, you can track your heart rate continuously while you exercise, which will also drain the battery.


The band utilizes Xiaomi Wear application on Android and Xiaomi Wear Light for iOS. This has an alternate UI contrasted with Mi Fit application. There are sections for Devices, Data, and Profile. Band displays in the Devices section let you choose between three local faces, and the online options have about 70 watch faces. A new watch face can be downloaded in a few seconds. The ability to switch from 24-hour time to 12-hour time is one feature that is missing from the app.

Alerts for Incoming Calls: Band vibrates after approaching calls with choice to show the contact data like name or number
Occasion update: Create an alarm with a date and time. App Alerts: Set up to 10 alarms Set any app’s notification alerts. displays all of the message on the screen.
Idle alert: Cautions each 60 minutes. allows you to customize the start and end times as well as the do not disturb time.
Measurement of heart rate: Set identification recurrence from 1,5, 10 or 30 moment, set alarm esteem from 100 to 150BPM
Ascend to wake: Plan turn on time or set it day in and day out


The company claims that the 130mAh battery in the Redmi Smart Band can last for up to two weeks. This tracker does not even come close to the stated capacity, despite the fact that Xiaomi’s battery claims are typically accurate. With notifications turned on and full-time heart rate tracking enabled, it lasts me a week.

The battery for a week is actually very good. Especially when we contrast it with a high-end device like the Apple Watch, which only gives you about 24 hours of use. Despite the fact that the band doesn’t stand consistent with its cases, seven days is a completely fine time span and I hold nothing against the item. Since it lacks an OLED display, I’m fairly certain that’s where the majority of the electrons are going!


At Rs 1599, the Redmi Smart Band is a good fitness tracker for beginners. It comes with a long battery life, a large color touch screen with a lot of band faces, and 5ATM water resistance. More features are needed to be added to the Xiaomi Wear app.,, Mi Home stores, and other offline retailers carry it.

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