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Last month, a brand-new company called SENS introduced a selection of accessories, including smartwatches. It has Bluetooth calling, an AMOLED display, and built-in storage for playing local music, which is not often found in smartwatches. According to the company, all of its products are made in India. Is it well worth the money? Let us investigate.


The SENS Einsteyn 1 has a rugged feel thanks to its circular design and large bezel. Compared to other models in the range, it feels a little heavy to wear at 56 grams with the strap, which measures 47 x 47 x 14 mm. The smartwatch is waterproof to IP68. Accelerometer, SpO2 sensor, and 24-hour heart rate monitor are included. It connects to iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later and Android devices running 5.0 or later using Bluetooth 5.0.


When it comes to the strap, a lightweight strap that uses a proprietary mechanism to attach to the smartwatch cannot be changed.

There are two buttons on the right side for back and home capabilities. On the back, a tiny microphone is also visible. The loudspeaker can be seen on the opposite side. Even though the back is made of plastic, the matte finish looks and feels good.


When you use it to measure heart rate and blood oxygen, you can see the heart rate and SpO2 sensors on the back, which have glowing green and red LED lights. The charging connector is visible beneath it.


The SENS Einsteyn 1 has a touch screen that is 1.39 inches wide and has a resolution of 462 pixels per inch (PPI). To save power, you can set it to turn on when you raise your hand and then turn off after a few seconds. The touch screen works well. Additionally, outdoor visibility is good.


The brightness can be changed using the slider that appears when you swipe down from the bottom; however, there is no auto brightness option. When you swipe from the left, there is also an easy option for a notification shade. In addition, there is a DND option, a call or Bluetooth audio mode option, a call or music control option, and a menu shortcut in the drop-down bar.


By swiping to the right, you can access the flashlight, sports, breathing, camera control, SpO2, countdown, find phone, screen sleep settings, watch face, option to format storage, reset, power off, QR code, and information.

Bluetooth phone calls:

Because it has a microphone and a speaker, the smartwatch’s built-in calling feature is its main selling point. In addition to the contacts option that you can add from the app, it displays the call log and even has a dial pad. When you select the sync option, you can add up to one thousand contacts from the app for quick dial. Additionally, it has the call history and a dial pad for dialing numbers.


Indoors, the call quality is good, the voice is picked up by the microphone well, and the speaker output is loud enough. However, if you are in a noisy outdoor environment, this is not the best option.

Furthermore, there is TWS Matching that allows you to coordinate a headset to the watch and pay attention to music straightforwardly since it has inherent capacity. A small number of MP3 files can be stored on the 77.5MB of storage. The audio file can be transferred by simply connecting the watch to the charging dock and a PC or laptop.


On both Android and iPhone, the Coolwear companion app stores your data in the cloud once you register for it. On the home screen, it displays activity details like the number of steps, calories, distance, time spent doing the activity, time since your last workout, heart rate, sleep data, and blood oxygen record. The device tab also contains all of your device’s settings and a tab for workouts. Sedentary reminder, alarm, drinking alert, DND, and more are included in this.

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There are a lot of watch faces to choose from, but only a few of them show a lot of information, like how many steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, how many calories you’ve burned, the weather, and other details. A custom image can be added using the customize option. There are more than 150 cloud-based watch faces, according to the company.


You can set app notification and alert settings, enable automatic heart rate detection, adjust the camera shutter, and more in the settings tab.

Activity tracking:

The SENS Einsteyn 1 has 15 sports modes, including walking, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, climbing, basketball, football, yoga, skip, badminton, treadmill, free training, elliptical machine, weight lifting, tennis, and ping pong. It also has a climbing, badminton, and yogic mode.

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You get every detail for outdoor activities, including distance, calories burned, average heart rate, and more. You can easily tweet, share the chart, or save it as an image after the workout is finished. You will not be able to see the route if you use the phone’s GPS instead of the watch because the watch does not have GPS. For the price, the accuracy is acceptable.

Monitoring of sleep, heart rate, and SpO2:

Sleep tracking reveals revival or awake time as well as shallow and deep sleep, but it does not reveal REM sleep. Good accuracy in sleep tracking.

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The smartwatch uses photodiodes and LED lights to briefly illuminate the blood vessels. It also monitors the heart rate by observing the variation in the amount of green light absorbed, and it uses red light to monitor SpO2, or blood oxygen, levels. You can’t guarantee this to be 100% correct. Throughout the day, heart rate recordings provide precise time-based data. When compared to an oximeter, SpO2 readings are acceptable. Only the heart rate tracking is available 24 hours a day, and SpO2 and stress must be measured manually.

Battery capacity:

The SENS Einsteyn 1 has a 320mAh battery, and the company says that it can last up to 15 days on standby and 3 days on typical use. After about a week of use, I charged it once a few days ago, and it still has 29% charge. I set the brightness to medium, used it for daily run tracking for about 30 minutes, and took two to three calls over Bluetooth each day.


Battery life may vary depending on how often you use the display at a higher brightness setting, use the heart rate monitor while working out, call, and turn on all the notifications.

It has a 4-pin attractive charging dock that you could connect it a USB port of a PC or a PC or use power bank in low-power mode. The watch needs about two and a half hours to fully charge from 0%.


With its AMOLED screen and voice calling capabilities, the SENS Einsteyn 1 is a respectable smartwatch overall for Rs. 3,099. It comes with voice calling capabilities, an AMOLED touch screen, numerous watch faces, and local music storage. The user interface of the watch may be colorful, and activity tracking needs to be improved. Amazon is the only place you can buy the SENS Einsteyn 1.

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