Sony WF-LS900N Review

Sony WF-LS900N

In the realm of sound, Sony is a notable brand. They have extraordinary items in many sections of the market, including the really wireless linkbuds. The item we are looking at today is the WF-LS900N, what imparts a large number of the elements to the WF-1000XM4, however at a lower cost. What concessions did Sony make to accomplish this value, and is it still expensive? Peruse on in my audit of the WF-LS900N.


Sony is a company that has never disappointed us when it comes to the quality of its products’ construction. Aside from an odd item to a great extent, Sony’s headphones will quite often have extraordinary form quality. Also, with regards to their most recent send off, there are no trade offs by the same token.

Sony’s harmless to the ecosystem reused materials included on their as of late sent off line of headphones have demonstrated to be shockingly sturdy. The case suffered only a few scuffs and scratches over the seven odd days that we used the headphones every day. The commentator is realized in the Digit Test Center to be hard on the devices that he utilizes. Therefore, it has some significance that the LS900N has endured time in his possession.

Concerning the actual buds, they continue similar material as the cases and went through negligible mileage. They were comfortable to wear for long periods of time and light. The four unique assortments of eartips that were remembered for the crate guaranteed that the buds threw a tantrum in the ears of the people at the Test Community.

The mini headphones snapped set up for the situation because of the magnets that were fitted in. The case highlighted a simple to open cover and was pocketable. We would have favored a metal rely on the cover of the case. However, the plastic device that secures the lid to the case is adequate. The LS900N is well worth the money you spend on it because of how it looks and feels in general. They fit well and, based on our testing over the course of a week, should last you a decent amount of time. The buds that we got were in our undisputed top choice beige tone, with the other accessible choices being highly contrasting.


You would expect your earbuds to have an excellent sound signature for 16,990, right? In the case of the Sony WF-LS900N, however, this does not appear to be the case. We saw the supported bass and the underemphasized high mids during our day to day use. Thus, to confirm this, we put the Sonys through our test rig.

The graph demonstrates that these earbuds have higher-than-average bass. Particularly, when contrasted with the Samsung System Buds Master 2, the bass frequencies are a lot higher. In addition, our suspicions proved correct regarding the higher mids. The mids were where the Sony’s performed above and beyond. For bass fans, the increased bass might not be a problem. However, it can become somewhat overwhelming for others. At this price, it’s pretty hard to find a pair of TWS earbuds that meet the needs of audiophiles. Notwithstanding, there are a few choices out there.

The underemphasized high mids are the same. At the point when these frequencies are underemphasized, what will in general happen is that the female vocals get stifled. This likewise influences the everyday listening experience too.

For anybody searching for a good in general sound insight, these buds are sufficient. In tunes like Uptown Funk that are known to put the bass reaction of the best headphones in the market to test, the Sonys emerge decisively. This may be a trouble spot for you in the event that you are somebody who could do without bass a ton. Assuming you are intending to shake out to the tunes of melodies like Hundreds of years by Drop Out Kid, you will encounter practically no bending at 100% volume.


The Sony LinkBuds S is viable with SBC, AAC, and, obviously, LDAC codecs for Bluetooth 5.2 availability. Albeit the absence of help for the aptX codec is rather disheartening, I accept that the help for LDAC compensates for it. When Bluetooth LE starts being supported in smartphones, which is a sign of things to come, the mini headphones are also prepared for it.

While matching the small headphones, I had no issues. To begin the cycle, there is a button dealing with it. The mini headphones will show up in the Bluetooth association menu once it is in matching mode. Since they similarly support Speedy Pair, basically opening the case will show a brief in maintained Android and Windows contraptions. Reach was unaffected, and it would simply lose network after passing through numerous significant barriers.

The LinkBuds S maintains a lot of state of the art handiness which can be gotten to through the cell application called “Sony | Headphones Point of interaction”. The application is available for download on the two iOS and Android.

The application offers various switches and menus to control different features of the little earphones. The app’s user interface could use some work because the numerous settings and toggles can be confusing and overwhelming.

For example, the associated gadgets, a music player, and an alternate menu for controlling Versatile Sound are shown on the underlying screen. It would be more intelligent to similarly show controls for ANC and incorporating sound control and the agent. Some settings can be changed directly, but others require a second click to get to the menu.

Additionally, the app’s bottom tab contains menus for “Activity” and “Information” for some reason. While this information is great to have, I feel like more critical settings should be set there in light of everything.

The control scheme of the LinkBuds S, in my opinion, is a little off. You can choose a bunch of motions that complete a capability for each headphone.

You can only customize each headphone by pairing it with one of the available groups. As would be normal, you can’t change each movement separately. All things considered, you are left with particular capability groups, which indicates that some capabilities cannot be reached quickly. I like being able to quickly switch between surround sound and ANC mode, but I prefer to keep control over playback and volume. Different earphones in this cost range offer better controls from my perspective.

The LinkBuds S supports address visit. When turned on, it successfully detected my voice and immediately stopped playing music. Regardless, it would occasionally hear even a faint murmur and stop the sound. Furthermore, it might take a significant amount of time to continue playing back. The experience felt clashing and stunt y. I consequently switched it off.

The versatile sound control is another feature that is available. With this feature, the mini headphones can detect the client’s movements and switch between surround sound and ANC as needed. I debilitated the element again on the grounds that it was conflicting.

The capacity for double matching was the last feature I needed to include. It was added through a firmware update, and at first I thought it was executed well. You can select which two devices you want to connect to simultaneously within the app. You can associate with two gadgets simultaneously. In ideal circumstances, the switch takes place in a consistent manner between the two devices. There is even a decision to lock to a contraption so it doesn’t switch inadvertently. This is all great, however I experienced a ton of difficulty assembling everything.

I had one issue while receiving notifications on my phone and playing media on my laptop. Ideally, I don’t keep up with that my notification sound ought to agitate my audit understanding on my PC, but expecting it changes back rapidly to my PC, I wouldn’t worry. The issue was that it would get into a circle of trading sound between my PC and phone, in spite of the way that there was nothing playing through my phone. I was unable to fix the issue except if I totally separated my telephone. Given that the device is in such disarray at this point, I have every confidence that Sony will be able to resolve these issues in subsequent firmware updates.

The LinkBuds S have dynamic drivers with a breadth of 5 mm and neodymium magnets with a ton of force. Not the least bit like the standard LinkBuds little earphones, the LinkBuds S feature a shut back plan, which, close by the in-ear design, achieves exceptional withdrew upheaval withdrawal. The earphones moreover feature an Integrated Processor V1, which further creates upheaval dropping, work on sound quality, and reduction mutilation.

I’m very satisfied with the LinkBuds S’s sound quality. The LinkBuds S is no exception to Sony’s reputation for high-quality audio. For truly distant earphones, they offer a ton of clarity in the sound, and I savored the experience of focusing on music with them. With clear vocals and good instrument separation, they became loud. The bass was perfect without sounding messy. Although not as good as the WF-1000XM4, the LinkBuds S sound adequate for their price range.

Sony moreover has their type of spatial sound advancement called “360 Reality Sound”. There is a setup process in the app that will take pictures of your ears and analyze them to determine the best 3D audio. I endeavored the course of action cycle on various events, yet for no obvious reason it kept on failing, so I didn’t have the option to use it.

Another development integrated into the little earphones is called DSEE Ludicrous, which could upscale low-piece anytime rate music for an unrivaled listening experience. While I didn’t see a prominent difference in the sound quality when it was on versus when it was off, having the development in any event great.

The ANC on the LinkBuds does a great job of removing unsettling external factors. In spite of the fact that Sony doesn’t determine a dB an incentive for the strength of the ANC, I have observed that it is mediocre compared to the opposition. Despite the fact that the earbuds would reduce outside noise during regular commutes on public transportation, it was still very obvious. The LinkBuds S really fall short in this category when compared to the Samsung Universe Buds2 Master, which is more affordable. With regards to ANC strength, the Apple AirPods Expert 2 beat the LinkBuds S.

The straightforwardness mode is basically OK. I didn’t view the sound as normal as the AirPods Ace 2, however that wasn’t an issue for me. The LinkBuds S’s capacity to direct how much encompassing commotion that is permitted through by means of the application was one component I appreciated.


The battery life claims made by Sony were pretty close to being fulfilled by the Sony WF-LS900N. The buds’ battery life was approximately five hours and ten minutes when ANC was turned on and the volume was set to 50%. Likewise, with the case, the full scale went up to 19 hours, with some juice left for the circumstance.

As per Sony’s cases, the charging port is a USB-C port that can furnish an hour of playback with only five minutes of charging time. This can end up being helpful if you are in a rush. With ANC turned off, you can safely acknowledge that these buds will persevere longer. Consequently, you shouldn’t stress as a lot over battery duration.


The genuinely remote Sony LinkBuds S are a unique pair with a great deal going for them. The plan is very small, the case is small, it fits comfortably in my ear, and the battery life is good. When compared to the competition, the sound quality is also superb. The shortfall of remote charging is baffling and the ANC quality could be better. Sony also needs to fix the double-matching issues and improve the user experience.

While contemplating the worth, the motivator of the LinkBuds S transforms into to some degree unreliable. It is clearly rated highly in the top market segment, and the competition is furious here. The Pixel Buds Pro, Apple AirPods Pro (first Gen), Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and Bose QuietComfort are among these. They all sound amazing and offer a plethora of highlights for the money.

On the off chance that remote charging and a barely feeble ANC isn’t a dealbreaker for you, then, I’d say the Sony LinkBuds S merit checking out. Regardless, there are a great deal of decisions in this cost range that will suit your necessities.

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