Stuffcool 10000mAh Power Bank Review 

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Recently, Stuffcool, a homegrown embellishments brand declared the send off of a 10000mAh power bank. It is evaluated at Rs 2,499 and highlights important ports, for example, two Sort A USB ports, one miniature USB port and one Sort C port.

The Stuffcool 10000mAh power keep money with Type-C port has every one of the important elements and a superior plan. It has also launched the Type-C to Type-C cable for Rs 499, which is ideal for power banks and supports fast charging. To learn how the power bank works, let’s look at the review.


The Stuffcool 10000mAh power bank includes an exceptional form with matte completion. There is a finished completion, which gives sufficient grasp to hold the power bank agreeable. It is one of the market’s lightest power banks because it weighs around 220 grams. This one is somewhat lighter than numerous other power banks that exist in the market notwithstanding its 10000mAh battery limit.

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Likewise, it includes a minimized structure factor that is convenient. This makes it a convenient strong with a respectable form quality and lightweight profile. By slipping it into your pocket, you can easily carry it with you.

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On one side of the power bank are four white LED indicators and a button that indicates the battery’s status. On turning on the battery pointer, the Drove markers will squint appearance the leftover battery duration. When it comes to ports, there are two USB A ports, one Type-C port that can support fast charging, and a micro USB port. Notwithstanding, the power bank gets accused exclusively of the Kind C port.


This Stuffcool power bank has a 10000mAh capacity, as previously stated. It can charge gadgets either by means of the miniature USB or USB Type-C ports. During the course of our review, we discovered that the company’s Type-C cable and fast charging feature functioned admirably. We tested it on a few smartphones, including the OnePlus 6, and were impressed by the power bank’s fast charging capability.

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Even though one battery level indicator was blinking, we were unable to successfully charge it even after a few hours when we tried to use the micro USB port. Overall, the power bank required near 9 hours for every one of the Drove pointers to flicker, which demonstrates 100 percent charge from 0% while charging it through the Sort C port. However we don’t have the specific number, this embellishment had the option to charge the OnePlus 6 three times completely yet had under 25% battery duration left (1 point in Drove marker).

The fact that this power bank does not overheat during charging and discharging is one of its advantages. It remained plugged in for more than three hours without exhibiting any signs of heat. In addition, its intelligence detection technology safeguards devices against short circuit, overcurrent, and overvoltage. It controls itself in accordance with the requirement and comprehends the maximum power that must be supplied to devices.


This Stuffcool power bank has a 10000mAh battery, making it more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i, which has the same capacity for Rs 2,499. Both support fast charging, and it has additional features like a sturdy, high-quality metallic construction. Thus, in the event that you need a completely utilitarian and quick accusing power bank of a smooth and lightweight plan, then, at that point, the Stuffcool offering could be a decent purchase.

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