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Vivo sent off TWS Neo, the organization’s actual remote headphones in India back in July, not long after was presented in that frame of mind in June. The miniature headphones include IP54 sprinkle safe body, Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm aptX Versatile with low idleness gaming experience. Does it satisfy the hopes? Allow us to jump into the audit to find out.


The TWS Neo fit immovably into the ‘somewhat like an AirPod’ school of genuine remote headphone plan, particularly in the white completion – however the gleaming dull blue variant (close to dark, truth be told) does somewhat more to seem to be its own thing.

Expect a little headphone with a more drawn out stem that hangs out from your ears, and a basic tube shaped case to hold the buds when they’re not being used. An IP54 residue and water-opposition rating for the buds ought to add some inner serenity as well, making these a preferred activity choice over you could think.

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Obviously Vivo has endeavored to keep the buds lightweight, and these are among the lightest I’ve at any point tried. That probably won’t seem like a lot, yet while you’re wearing headphones for quite a long time each gram counts, and these are more agreeable than most subsequently.

One admonition to that will be that the buds don’t utilize customizable silicon tips (once more, very AirPod). That implies there’s just a single size, and no give by any stretch of the imagination. They fit my ears well, yet there is obviously a gamble that you will not be so fortunate, and assuming this is the case there’s is certainly not a ton you can do about it.

The lightweight plastic plan reaches out to the case as well, which gauges an incredible 45.7g even with the buds inside – almost nothing. However, there is a slight drawback here: the depends on the top feel positively delicate, and keeping in mind that I haven’t run into any issues yet, I wouldn’t precisely depict the case as ‘tough’.

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Most importantly these are extraordinary buds in the event that you need earphones that are lightweight and agreeable, regardless of whether they have an especially particular character.

Sound quality:

Sonically talking, the TWS Neo are fine. They’re not liable to wow anybody, and bass obsessives specifically ought to look somewhere else, yet for most clients these are more than capable.

14.2mm drivers convey the sound, and in the mid and upper registers the outcomes are sufficiently honorable. The soundscape is sufficiently open to select unmistakable voices and instruments in many tracks – none of the ruining together normal in less expensive buds – and popular music specifically is served well, with punchy, energetic outcome.

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The buds battle more at the lower end, with an unmistakable absence of bass oomph regardless of the generally enormous drivers. That implies a few tracks will come out somewhat weedy and slender, with dance and hip jump particularly inadequate with regards to the drive you may be utilized to.

With no dynamic clamor retraction the buds additionally never really shut out outside commotion, and with no silicon tips there’s not even an especially prominent latent surrounding sound canceling. That is perfect if you have any desire to remain mindful of your environmental factors in a hurry, however anybody expecting to block out the hints of their regularly scheduled drive may be frustrated.

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Sound for voice calls is fresh and clear, and there is some man-made intelligence commotion scratch-off here to shut out sound from your environmental factors. It’s noticeably flawed – strolling down a blustery road actually left somebody on the opposite stopping point attempting to hear – however more often than not you’ll find practically nothing to grumble about.

Battery and charging:

Vivo claims you can expect four-and-a-half extensive stretches of charge from the TWS Neo buds, with 22.5 full scale including the charging case.

As far as the buds, I’d really say that is a genuinely safe gauge, and they would in general last five or six hours prior to surrendering the phantom – however the gauge for all out case battery duration is more precise.

One way or the other, battery duration is at the lower end of the market, and a few opponents would run laps around the Neo. However, as lengthy you keep the case on you when making the rounds, it ought to be fine.

Charging is dealt with by USB-C, and it’ll require barely 90 minutes for a full top-up. There’s no remote charging choice, however that is actually to be expected at the cost.

Programming and controls:

It’s blended favors on this front, with genuinely noteworthy on-gadget controls let down somewhat by an essential application experience.

In the first place, the upside. Signal controls let you swipe all over on each headphone to change the volume naturally, with a twofold tap to play/stop. They’re smooth, dependable, and responsive (never an assurance on headphones), and the main minor problem is that it’s not difficult to coincidentally bump the volume up or down while changing the headphone fit in your ear.

Headphone recognition likewise makes a respectable showing of perceiving when the buds are in or out of your ears, stopping music consequently when you eliminate a bud, and playing it when they return to your ears.

The awful side is that Vivo’s going with application is pretty barebones. You can utilize it to change the motion controls, however just to change the twofold tap on each headphone, with next/past track controls or the choice to enact a voice right hand.

You can likewise utilize the application switch the in-ear recognition off or on, and oversee firmware refreshes, yet that is all there is to it. At this value I’d truly expect some kind of EQ controls or more control customisation, so Vivo’s product offering feels somewhat restricted – however this is a little protest at the end of the day.


Generally speaking, the Vivo TWS Neo is a decent Bluetooth genuine remote headphones at a cost of Rs. 5,990. It has a lightweight, minimal plan, offers great sound and great calling experience with computer based intelligence call clamor wiping out. The mini headphones additionally accompany aptX Versatile, but this doesn’t chip away at every one of the telephones and a few elements like DeepX audio cues additionally work just with select vivo telephones. It is accessible from and Flipkart as well as vivo store on the web.

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