Top 10 Best Car Charger in India

The use of electronic devices, particularly mobile phones, has become increasingly important to our modern lives. Many aspects of our lives involve mobile phones and other electronic devices, from work to grocery shopping. We must ensure that our mobile phones and other devices have sufficient charge to withstand the heavy loads we place on them even while we drive our vehicles in order to avoid any disruption to our day-to-day work. Car chargers play a significant role in this scenario.

Car charger prices have dropped dramatically as a result of fierce competition, with more economical options available even at prices below Rs. 500. These car chargers, unlike previous models, can charge at least two devices simultaneously and are smaller, making them easier to carry around. The five most widely used mobile phone chargers for automobiles in India are listed below.

Boat Car Charger

Given its small size, the Boat car charger looks very promising. Although the car charger appears small at first, its charging speed is actually four times faster than that of a regular charger that costs the same. The Boat car charger has two USB slots that are compatible with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology, which is something that many other chargers in its price range do not have.

All USB and type C-charging devices are compatible with the Boat car charger. The braided micro USB cable that comes with the charger is also strong enough to last for a long time even when used a lot. It is a safe option even in the event of overcharging and overheating due to the built-in safeguard. The only drawback is that it might have come with one or two additional USB slots. At Rs., the Boat car mobile charger has a reasonable price. 599.

Mi Car Charger

The Mi car mobile charger has a small overall shape that fits comfortably in your fist. It has a cylinder-shaped lower part that easily fits into the 12V power socket in your vehicle. The two USB ports are positioned side by side on the charger’s head.

Additionally, the Mi car charger comes equipped with a small blue LED light that illuminates when the charger is inserted into the outlet. When driving in the dark, the excessive brightness of the light can also serve as an ambient light.

The price of the 18W Mi car charger is Rs. 448 and has a standard warranty period of six months.

Amazonbasics Car Charger

The car charger from AmazonBasics, like a number of other small electronic devices and equipment, can only be purchased through the company’s official website or smartphone app. This little vehicle versatile charger conveys a sticker price of Rs. 469, and it comes equipped with two USB ports that are mounted on its uppermost surface.

The ongoing rating of AmazonBasics vehicle charger is 4A, with which it can charge a scope of electronic gadgets like cell phones and tablets. Both the 20W USB spaces of this vehicle charger are encircled by orange shaded contrast finish, and both can be utilized together simultaneously at a similar power rating.

The car charger comes equipped with a safety system that, in the worst-case scenarios, prevents the device from overloading or shorting out. The AmazonBasics car charger, like the others on this list, is small, light, and comes equipped with an LED light indicator.

However, a major drawback of this charger is that it does not include a charging cable. The car charger from AmazonBasics costs Rs. 469.

Philips Car Charger

When it comes to making electronic appliances and devices, Philips is one of the few brands that has never failed. This smaller vehicle versatile charger from Philips is light and simple to heft around with its conservative plan.

The Philips car charger has a significant advantage in that it can independently adjust the charging current based on the device’s charge rating.

The Philips vehicle charger is comprised of a shrewd hardware including various shields, that work with quick charging of electronic gadgets, yet additionally protects them from unfriendly circumstances like cheating and overheating.

Like other items on this list, the Philips car charger has two USB ports on its head that are surrounded by a blue circular ring. This ring illuminates at whatever point the charger is connected the 12V attachment of the vehicle. You can purchase this dual port charger for Rs. 350.

Amkette Car Charger

Similar to the Boat car mobile charger, the one from Amkette claims to charge all electronic devices that are compatible with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 technology at a rate of four times faster.

The fact that the Amkette car charger has three USB ports compared to just two for the other chargers on this list is its biggest advantage. The joined power result of the multitude of three ports is appraised at 33W. For non-qualcomm gadgets, the result drops to 15W.

Moreover, dissimilar to the vast majority of the other in this cost range, the bundle of the Amkette vehicle charger likewise incorporates a speedy charge 3.0+ meshed miniature USB charging link. This charger has three layers of safety to prevent accidental events like overcharging and overheating, which is another positive feature.

costing Rs. 499, the Amkette vehicle charger is being presented with a standard producer guarantee of 1 year.

iVoltaa 3.1A Dual Port Car Charger

The iVoltaa 3.1A dual-port car charger is a small and convenient charger that can charge two phones simultaneously. With a combined power output of 2.4A, this ultra-compact car charger can automatically adjust the voltage received from the vehicle to provide a consistent charging rate. Additionally, the charger has a small LED light indicator, but it is not as bright as one would expect. The standard warranty for the iVoltaa 3.1A dual-port car charger is one year.

If you like to charge multiple devices at once, this is for you. The TP-Link UP525 25W 5-port USB charger can charge not two, three, or even five different devices simultaneously. Given how small the device is, this is very impressive. The shape of this particular charger is nice, and it has a cool-looking LED all around. Despite the fact that it has certifications from RoHS, WEEE, and the FCC, this charger has a 5A total power output and is larger than the others on this list.

Belkin Universal Car Charger

Despite the fact that the Belkin universal car charger only has one USB slot, as opposed to two or more of the other chargers on this list, it is still preferred due to its ability to charge quickly. Aside from cell phones, this charger is additionally viable with any remaining gadgets like tablets, because of its nice most extreme result of 10W. The charger upholds a USB link of the length of up to 4 feet, which is considerable for a charger of its size. This charger has a maximum one-year warranty.

Syska Dual Car Charger

The Syska dual car charger is a small charger that can charge two USB devices at once and has a maximum power output of 2.4 Amps. It is not meant for heavy duty use, but it is adequate for charging two phones at once. The USB ports on the charger are illuminated, making them usable even in dim lighting. The Syska dual car charger has a long-lasting spring action, which makes it more stable when used.

Joyseus Car Charger

Even though the Joyseus car charger is one of the smallest on this list, its premium glossy finish and blue LED make it easy to see even in low light. It is very commendable that it has two USB slots for its size. The Joyseus car charger charges at speeds up to 2.5 times faster than a standard car charger with a power output of 3.1A. A soft LED light is built into this charger, and it has CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications. However, some customers may be turned off by the short warranty period of just six months.

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