Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000 in India

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Assuming you are searching for the best earphones under 1000, this is the best put for you on the web since we have the absolute best earphones that you can purchase for under Rs.1000.

I’m a huge fan of earphones and headphones, and I’ve tried and tested a lot of them. I am able to easily recommend some of the best earphones under $1,000 that will provide you with an excellent music, movie, and gaming experience given my experience.

The majority of the earphones listed below also come with a microphone, which will undoubtedly enhance your mobile phone calling experience. Beneath referenced headphones are additionally reasonable for the individuals who are searching for the best wired headphones under 1000. As these headphones accompany a mic, you can without much of a stretch utilize the underneath referenced best headphones for PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire and other well known games.

Let’s get started on the list of the best earphones under $1,000. You should definitely take a look at this list of the best earphones under 2000 dollars if you can stretch your budget.

The best earphones under 1000 rupees that you can buy in India are listed below. Make sure the earphones you buy for calling have a microphone built in. You won’t be able to use earphones to make calls if you don’t have a microphone.

Sennheiser CX 180

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Sennheiser is unquestionably the best brand for earphones. Sennheiser CX180 was my very first headphones and it was sheer quality and polish that too under 1000 rupees. I even published a comprehensive evaluation of the Sennheiser CX180. Here is a full survey of CX180 that you can peruse. In the event that you are searching for the best headphones only for motion pictures, and music and needn’t bother with a mic, go with CX180.

Sennheiser CX180 accompanies a rubber treated plastic lodging with a matt and lustrous completion. The CX180 has a solid build and is comfortable to wear on the ears and in the hand. You get an additional 3 silicon tips that you can supplant according to the size of your ear channel. In addition to providing an outstanding sound response, the silicon tips also partially eliminate background noise.

In terms of sound, the earphones have a frequency response between 20 and 20,000 KHz. The deep, thumping bass that is produced by the frequency response of 20 to 20000 kHz is sufficient to enhance both the music and movie experience. CX180 is compatible with numerous devices thanks to its 3.5mm headphone jack. TWS headphones or a USB Type-C to 3.5mm connector are the best options if you’re using a phone without a 3.5mm jack.

The Sennheiser CX180 is without a doubt one of my favorite and best wired earphones under $1,000 that you can currently purchase in India. The absence of a microphone is the only drawback to this pair of headphones. For media clients, Sennheiser CX213 is an enthusiastically suggested headphone under Rs. 1000. I’m not going to lie: I still adore these Sennheiser CX180 earphones.

The CX 180 is usually out of stock, but if you can get your hands on one, take advantage of it. You can also acquire CX213.

Sony MDR-EX155AP

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When it comes to purchasing earphones, headphones, or any other kind of sound equipment, I always advise my readers to select the Tier-1 brand. The sound you’re looking for is produced by Tier-1 brands, which spend millions on R&D. Having said that, the Sony MDR-EX155AP is certainly deserving of its place among the top five wired earphones under $1,000.

The 9mm neodymium drivers in the earphones support a frequency range of 5Hz to 24,000Hz. This frequency range is not supported by any other earphones on this list. You can expect a powerful level of bass output and a sound that is deep and pounding. These earphones will immediately impress you if you are a dance music or electronic dance music fan. These headphones can also be used for gaming.

In addition to sound, it provides you with comfortable music sessions. The soft silicone tips slide easily into each ear canal, enclosing the ear canal to block out background noise. The Sony MDR-EX155AP is a good option if you need earphones for calls under $1,000 because it has a microphone that is perfectly positioned inside the inline remote. For connectivity, the earphones make use of a 3.5mm gold-plated headphone jack.

Sony has done an outstanding job with the MDR-EX155AP, which is one of the best earphones under $1,000 that you can buy for both media and calling and is available in three stunning colors. The Sony MDR-EX155AP is a good option if you’re looking for the best bass earphones under $1,000.

Mi Dual Driver

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These Mi earphones are worth considering if you’re looking for the best pair of headphones with a microphone for under $1,000. The earphones feature a dual dynamic driver with a 20-40 kHz frequency response. The repeat response is better than whatever Sennheiser is giving CX213 anyway you won’t feel a ton of qualification. The driver from Sennheiser is still superior to Mi.

The smooth sound and adequate bass output of the dual 10mm and 8mm dynamic drivers can be heard. These Mi Earphones make it simple to watch movies and listen to music. The treble and sound are well-balanced, and the vocals are crisp and sharp. Nothing can replace music’s essence.

The inline remote that comes with these earphones is a nice feature. From the inline remote, you can easily control the volume, activate voice assistance, and make or reject calls. For extra sturdiness and usefulness, you get attractive headphone heads that you can remain together when not being used. The long braided cable doesn’t get tangled and connects to a 3.5mm jack. Therefore, there will no longer be tangled wires that are irritating.

These are, without a doubt, the best earphones under $1,000 you could buy, and they come in black and blue.

JBL C100SI by Harman

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Here are adjusted headphones under 1000 from JBL. Due to its affordability and features, the JBL C100SI earphone is the company’s most popular product.

These are earphones that fit in the ear. The housing is made of round plastic and has a glossy finish. The earphones are extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and they come with additional silicon tips in a variety of sizes. Depending on your level of comfort and the size of your ear canal, you can switch to a different silicone one.

In addition to comfort, the JBL C100SI provides you with a range of features that enhance your experience. For instance, the earphone comes with a microphone-equipped inline remote. That inline remote lets you directly control your music, calls, and voice assistant.

Besides, the headphones likewise accompany a recurrence reaction of 20-20kHz that guarantees you hear each instrument in the music. The JBL C100SI’s bass output is also excellent, and any bass fan will appreciate the earphones’ bass output. The fragility is the only drawback. They should be handled with extreme caution and should not be used in harsh conditions.

If you’re looking for the best earphones under 1000 rupees in India in 2023, the JBL C100SI, which comes in red and black, is definitely worth considering.

Sony MDR-AS210AP

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If you’re looking for the best sports-related earphones under $1,000, we’ve got you covered with these stunning Sony models.

Instead of an in-ear design, the Sony MDR-AS219AP has an open design and an adjustable earloop, so you can wear them for any sport.

A 13.5mm dynamic driver delivers powerful sound with the deepest bass and crisp mids and highs. The range of the frequency response, which is between 17 and 22,000 Hz, is sufficient for producing a satisfying amount of bass and crisp, sharp highs.

Sony designed this for use in sports, the gym, and outdoor activities, so it must be certified to withstand splashes and sweat. Therefore, the earphones are sweat- and splash-resistant, protecting them from water splashes and sweat. The earphones weren’t made to be completely submerged in water, so avoid doing so.

You can make or reject calls, control the music, and activate the voice assistant without touching your smartphone thanks to the inline remote with a microphone. The buttons are pliable and respond by clicking. The remote is simple to use. Even if you’re jogging in a park or on a treadmill, you can easily reach the remote.

Overall, the Sony MDR-AS210AP has a great set of features for a reasonable price. The Sony MDR-AS210AP is a great option if you’re looking for the best wired earphones under $1,000 and enjoy using sports earphones for media.

Infinity by Harman Zip 100

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If you’re looking for the best headphones under $1,000, this is a reasonable option. The Infinity Zip 100 has almost everything, and it costs a small fortune.

From the get go look, you will an exquisite, moderate plan with a 1.2m level knot free link. You can keep the headphones the manner in which you need in your sack, pocket, or cabinet, wires won’t get tangled. Alongside that, it accompanies an in-ear type plan that fits impeccably into the ear channel and gives you agreeable music meetings.

The inline remote accompanies a button that you can use to acknowledge or dismiss calls. The same button can be used to control media, music, and voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

The sound result of Harman Zip 100 is shockingly great. The mids and highs are crisp and the bass output is excellent. These earphones feature a superb 9mm Dynamic Driver.

The Infinity Zip 100, which are available in blue, black, and red colors, is without a doubt the best pair of earphones with a microphone for under $1,000.

realme Buds 2 Neo

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Here we have one more extraordinary sets of headphones under 1000 in India. The realme Buds 2 likewise accompanies a reasonable sticker price that merits considering. This is another good option to think about if you’re looking for the best budget earphones with a microphone under $1,000.

To begin, the Buds 2 includes a 11.2mm Bass Booster Driver with a 20- to 20000hz frequency response. With that in mind, I don’t need to tell you that Buds 2 will provide you with exceptional bass output. The mids and highs are well-balanced, as is the bass. At high volumes, there is some distortion, but you will never listen to any music at that volume.

An inline remote with a microphone provides a crystal-clear voice when calling for control of media, calls, and voice-assistant. The sweat-resistant TPU material of the 1.2-meter-long cable ensures that it is both long-lasting and tangle-free.

The Realme Buds 2 Neo, which come in black, orange, green, and blue, are excellent earphones that perform admirably for their price. Our list of the best earphones under 1000 rupees in India includes these headphones without a doubt.

JBL Endurance Run

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This is one more sets of JBL headphones under Rs.1000 for sports as well concerning media darlings. The JBL Endurance is a well-liked pair of headphones in its field, and you can anticipate excellent performance from them.

The headphones accompany 8.2mm Powerful Drivers with attractive headphones that ward the tangled wires off. The earphones have fantastic sound quality. Its drivers and silicon tips with Twist lock and FlexSoft technologies, which perfectly enclose the ear canal and provide an outstanding music experience, are to thank.

Endurance Run’s IPX5 sweat-proof design is another reason why it was designed for outdoor use. The built-in microphone and button for controlling media, calls, and the voice assistant are another great feature that a lot of people want. They are compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm headphone jack because of that.

There is one more variation of these headphones called JBL Perseverance RunBT that accompanies Bluetooth network rather than a 3.5mm jack. If you are looking for the best earphones under 1000 rupees in India, the JBL Endurance Run is a well-balanced pair of headphones that you should take into consideration.

boAt Bassheads 103

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If you’re looking for mic-equipped, low-cost earphones under $1,000, you’ve come to the right place. Boat Bassheads 103 accompanies a rich, lightweight plan that dazzles you with its gander at the main look.

The attractive headphones are not difficult to deal with when not being used. It keeps the headphones free of tangles. Because the inline remote has a microphone, you can use it to make crisp voice calls while on the go if you want to use the earphones for calling. The inline remote can also be used to control voice assistant and music playback.

You can use the earphones comfortably with confidence because the build quality feels durable. You should keep in mind that the earphones are not waterproof, sweatproof, or splashproof before selecting one for yourself.

The boAt Bassheads 103, which are available in black, blue, and red, are affordable earphones that also include a microphone. You can buy it if you have a limited budget, but Sony, JBL, and Sennheiser also make good choices that you might want to consider.

Audio-Technica CLR100IS

best earphone under 1000 audio technica 700x700 1

Audio Technica is well-known in the music business. When mastering and mixing the sound in the studio, the majority of professional musicians use monitor headphones and an Audio Technica microphone. Audio Technica is the best option if you ever wanted to buy headphones designed for professionals. The CLR100IS from Audio Technica is available here for less than $1,000.

It has an 8.5mm driver that can produce sounds with frequencies between 20 and 25,000 Hz. A balanced midrange and high end are to be expected, as is a strong bass. For the individuals who are searching for the best gaming headphones under 1000, you can utilize this one due to its firm strong quality. The enemy’s every step will be audible to you.

The Audio-Technica CLR100IS is an elegant product for you if you don’t want extra bass booming in your head. Additionally, these earphones under $1,000 include a built-in microphone for voice commands to Google Assistant and making calls.

In this price range, active noise cancellation is obviously out of the question, but the silicon earbuds and the entire design of the earphone do provide some degree of noise cancellation. The inline far off on the headphone permits you to control your media. The 1.2m link is sans tangle and uses a gold-plated 3.5mm jack for network.

The Audio-Technica CLR100IS, which is available in black and white, is without a doubt the best wired earphone under $1,000 that you can currently purchase in India.


That is our recommendation for the best headphones in India that cost less than Rs. 1000. The majority of the earphones on this list have powerful features. Earphones’ sound output is influenced by a number of variables, including the frequency response and type of driver. Choose Sony, JBL, or Sennheiser for a sound that is rich and balanced.

I also tried to provide you with earphones with an integrated microphone because many readers were looking for inexpensive calling headphones. The Sennheiser CX180 is a good option if you need music and movie earphones, but it doesn’t come with headphones. In addition to the Sennheiser CX180, the Sony MDR-EX155AP are excellent earphones. You get a crisp, subtle sound without any fancy features.

Boat earphones are the best option if bass is the only thing you want. They come with a lot of bass, which can sometimes be too much for other mids and highs. So, if you’re looking for the best headphones under $1,000, this list has some excellent options.

So, which do you prefer? In the box below, tell us which pair of headphones you think are the best value for the money. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions down below.

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