Top 10 Best Wireless Earbuds Under 5000 in India 


Are you looking for the best headphones under $500? The best truly wireless earbuds under 5,000 that you can currently purchase in India in 2023 can be found here.

True wireless earbuds are the most sought-after piece of consumer technology and are adored by a significant portion of the populace. When you’re working in an office, running on a treadmill, or calling, TWS earbuds give you more freedom. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still listen to music while running or jogging by connecting wireless earbuds to a Smartwatch.

Whether you’re working out at the gym or watching a single Stranger Things episode on Netflix, the best earbuds under 5000 will provide you with a comfortable and adaptable experience.

In addition, we have listed the best ANC-enabled earbuds under 5,000 that will provide crystal-clear sound whether you are exercising in the gym, commuting by metro, or sitting in a park. ANC earbuds reduce outside noise. Due to the wires, wired earphones will never offer you flexibility.

Therefore, if you were looking for the best truly wireless earbuds under 5000 INR in India, this list will assist you in locating the best tws under 5000 INR that you can use for calling, watching movies, listening to music, and doing a great deal more. Even though these earbuds aren’t the best alternative to Apple AirPods, they do the job.

I just want to introduce you to the most recent budget-friendly earbuds with cutting-edge technology from reputable brands.

Since the Bluetooth Version is the fundamental technology for any wireless earbud, I first check that. I also verify that the audio codec supports high-quality audio transmission in addition to checking the most recent Bluetooth version. Battery reinforcement is likewise a noticeable point I consider prior to adding the name to this rundown.

All that will go to no end in the event that you are not happy wearing remote headphones. Therefore, it must be suitable for all ear canals. Highlights like Water, dust-safe, Dynamic Clamor Cancelation (ANC), and contact controls go about as a cherry on the cake.

I came up with this list of the best truly wireless earbuds under 5000 after taking into account all of these factors. These earbuds will meet all of your requirements.

Every month, I add the most recent earbuds to this list of the best earbuds under 5000 so that you can buy the most recent, improved model.

The best tws earbuds under 5000 INR that you can buy in India are on this list. The TWS earbuds listed below are not arranged in any particular order. That does not have a ranking system in place. These are the best AirPods under 5,000 for those who also refer to wireless earbuds as AirPods.

OnePlus Buds Z2

oneplus buds z2 best tws earbuds under 5000

Under 5,000, we have the brand-new OnePlus truly wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation. The earbuds have an elegant and subtle design. Discussing the tiny headphones, it accompanies a 11mm Unique Driver fueled by Dolby Atmos. With their spatial and enveloping sound, the Netflix sessions will be amazing. The OnePlus Buds Z2’s driver is also tuned to deliver crisp, clear treble and deep, dense bass.

The OnePlus Buds Z2 comes equipped with a low latency rate of just 94 milliseconds, which is good enough to provide you with real-time, lag-free sound if you want to use them for gaming. Simply enable the Pro Gaming mode to begin playing.

The Buds Z2 has three MIC ENC Call Noise Reduction features for calling, allowing you to make crystal-clear voice-over calls. It gives you the best calling experience over bluetooth earbuds because it reduces air friction and other ambient sounds around you.

OnePlus also offers ANC for the Buds Z2. There are very few earbuds under 5000 that have the ANC feature. If you’re using a OnePlus smartphone, you can even control the ANC mode of the OnePlus Buds Z2. You can adjust the Noise Cancelation by using its Faint and Extreme modes. Altering Active Noise Cancelation can be done with the HeyMelody App for other smartphone users.

IP55 rating, Bluetooth 5.2, Dolby Atmos support are a portion of the other appealing highlights that the OnePlus Buds Z2 brags and making them the best headphones under 5000.

It has fast charging and provides 38 hours of power on a full charge (with the case and earbuds). You can get five hours of backup with just ten minutes of flash charging, which is impressive. When you’re rushing, you can quickly charge them and play games, music, and movies for about five hours.

Check out our list of the best TWS earbuds under Rs if you want Active Noise Cancelation earbuds. India has 15,000 The OnePlus Buds Z2, which are available in white and black, are without a doubt the best earbuds under 5000 rupees in India. Other OnePlus earbuds are less expensive than the Buds Z2. For more information, you can look at this list of the best earbuds under $3,000.

Realme Buds Air 3

best earbuds under 5000 realme buds air 3 585x531 1

You can get a great deal on a package from realme that includes cutting-edge technology at a reasonable cost. The realme Buds Air 3 is a good option if you’re looking for the best earbuds under 5000 with ANC.

The 10mm LCP Dynamic Bass Boost driver in the realme Buds Air 3 is tuned to provide the best sound quality without sacrificing any sound elements. The LCP drivers are more versatile that when vibrated reverberate more sound than some other driver. Utilizing Realme Connection Application, clients can likewise tune the sound according to their requirements.

Realme Buds Air 3 is compatible with both Android and iPhone users because it supports the AAC and SBC audio codecs. Over Bluetooth, the earbuds can also produce sound with a high bitrate. In addition, the earbuds feature Google fast pair connectivity and Smart wear detection.

There aren’t many earbuds under 5000 that come with Active Noise Cancelation, but the realme Buds Air 3 do. These earbuds have noise cancelation that reduces sound by up to 42 decibels, making them ideal for removing background noise from places like the subway, parks, flights, and the street. and makes listening to music a pure, blissful experience for you. De-wind technology, which is designed solely to eliminate wind noise from the earbuds, can also be found. You can also turn on transparency mode with just a single touch, which comes in handy if someone is trying to talk to you.

The realme Buds Air 3 also has a low latency gaming mode for gamers that reduces latency to just 88 milliseconds. So, now you won’t have to worry about adjusting the wires while you’re on the battlefield, so you can enjoy the game. In addition to all of these fantastic features, we have a Dual AI microphone that eliminates all background noise while you are on the call. Regardless of where you are speaking from, the call would be crystal clear.

With ANC enabled, you can playback for up to 22 hours on a full charge. The 460mAh battery in the case can be charged wirelessly or via a USB Type-C port. The Realme Buds Air 3 are, in fact, the best earbuds under $500 with best-in-class ANC and Bluetooth 5.2.

JBL Tune 130NC

best tws under 5000 jbl tune 130nc 585x585 1

The hottest new truly wireless earbuds under 5,000 from JBL are listed here. These tws headphones have a lot of extraordinary highlights that make them one of the most outstanding tws under 5000. The best part is that it has Active Noise Cancelation of up to 40 dB, which is quite impressive for a device of this price.

The 10mm drivers in the JBL Tune 130NC are tuned for the best bass output. The bass on these TWS earbuds is sure to impress you if you’re a bass fan or if you like EDM, dance, and pop music. Not only that, but you can customize the equalizer using the My JBL Headphones app. From the JBL app, you can adjust the bass levels, activate or deactivate noise cancellation, personalize the touch controls, and locate your earbuds.

In addition to noise cancellation, the JBL Tune 130NC provides you with a number of great features that provide you with a premium experience at a reasonable cost. This tws miniature headphone is furnished with a 4-mic arrangement that gives you a commotion free music listening experience.

You get a clear, noise-free music experience because these mics match the frequency of the song you are listening to with the ambient sound. You can talk to the person next to you with TalkThru without taking out your earbuds. Additionally, the calling experience is impressive. Calls are crystal clear and crisp, which is always a problem with budget tws earbuds.

You get 10 hours of backup on a full charge, and if you use the charging case, you get another 30 hours. You get 8 hours of backup and 24 hours of power using the case with noise cancellation. Speed Charge will give you two hours of power in just ten minutes if you need to get somewhere quickly. The charging case makes use of a USB Type-C port.

Other features that make the JBL Tune 130NC one of the best tws under 5000 rupees in India include built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, sweatproof, water-resistant, touch controls, Bluetooth 5.2, and Find Your Earbuds.

Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro

best earbuds under 5000 oppo enco air 2 pro 585x585 1

The most recent version of the Enco Air, Enco Air 2 Pro, was released by Oppo. These tws under 5000 accompany the most refreshed Bluetooth variant and other extraordinary highlights that make them the best headphones under 5000 in India.

In terms of sound, it comes with a 12.4 mm Titanized Dynamic Driver with a 20 Hz to 20000 Hz frequency response. You will have a fantastic time listening to music thanks to the driver. The best level of bass output, balanced mids, and highs, and 94ms of low latency make it ideal for gaming, listening to music, and watching television.

The volume of these tws earbuds is quite impressive due to their sensitivity of 110 dB. Keep the volume between 50 and 60 percent for healthy listening.

The Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro are active noise-canceling earbuds that can cut out all kinds of noise up to -38 dB. For the price, this is a good deal because it can easily cut out all kinds of light background noise in parks, gyms, offices, public transportation, and at home.

These tws are easy to wear in the rain, around the pool, at the gym, or any other outdoor activity that involves sweat, water, and dust thanks to their IP54 water and dust resistance.

It also has AI noise cancellation for calling, so you can make clear calls without any background noise. The Enco Air 2 Pro are, in fact, the best ANC earbuds under $5,000, given the ANC on these headphones.

When it comes to connectivity, it makes use of Bluetooth 5.2, which is the most recent version of Bluetooth for audio technology. You get a strong, dependable Bluetooth connection that can go up to 10 meters. Other than that, the audio quality is still of a high standard.

With ANC enabled, you can use the device for up to 7 hours on a single charge. You also get extended power for 20 hours (with ANC) and 28 hours (without ANC) with a 440mAh charging case. The earphones and case can be charged in two hours using USB Type-C.

These tws earbuds under 5000 will also provide you with touch controls, extremely low latency for gaming, a great battery, double-tap photo capture, and a comfortable design. The Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro is, without a doubt, the best set of earbuds under 5,000 rupees that you can buy in India. It is available in white and grey. It has the most recent technology and a beautiful design, making it a great value.

Realme Buds Q2

realme buds q2 best tws under 5000 1 585x585 1

Another pair of TWS earbuds under Rs. 5000 from Realme has returned. Buds Q2 also includes ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation, this time around. Realme plays it really well for the money.

These TWS earbuds feature a very sensitive 10mm Bass Boost Driver with a Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm, which produces powerful bass and balanced mids and highs. The Active Noise Cancellation that Buds Q2 provides sets it apart from other TWS priced under 5000. Additionally, the earbuds support the AAC audio codec, making them compatible with iPads and iPhones.

Since we are not really paying a premium price here, the ANC works up to 25 dB, which is completely understandable. It will easily eliminate the background noise on the bus or metro, as well as in coffee shops, but it will not eliminate the loud, amplified music that surrounds you. If you’ve never used ANC before, Realme Buds Q2 is a good place to start. However, don’t expect an ANC like the Sony WH-1000XM2 or Bose QC35.

Aside from that, it has IPX5 Water Resistance, making it splash-proof and great for exercising, running, and other sweaty activities. With earbuds and case fully charged, you get 28 hours of backup, and with 10 minutes of fast charging, you get 3 hours. The charging port for the Buds Q2 case is a USB Type-C port. Despite not having any physical buttons, the earbuds come with Touch controls.

In addition, you’ll get a dual transmission channel and an 80mm Super Low Latency Gaming mode to keep the game and your headphones in sync.

Some of the features that make the Realme Buds Q2 one of the best tws earbuds under Rs. are Bluetooth 5.2, easy connectivity to SmartTVs and Smart Watches via the Realme Link app, support for USB Type-C Fast Charging, ANC, a long battery life, and touch controls. Right now, 5,000. This is an easy choice for those looking for the best truly wireless earbuds under Rs. 5000 or even less. It comes in white and black.

Jabra Elite 2

jabra elite 2 best tws earbuds under 5000 compressed 700x700 1

For those who are unaware, Jabra is a well-known brand in the audio industry. The Elite 2’s price was recently reduced by Jabra, making it an affordable option for those looking for the best tws under 5000. The Jabra Elite 2 hands-on review can be found here.

With its 6mm driver, the Jabra Elite 2 produces rich mids and highs and deep, dense bass. You will have incredible music, motion pictures insight with Jabra First class 2. The driver is competent to provide you with a remarkable degree of bass. You can always adjust the sound to meet your needs and preferences by using an equalizer.

Alexa is built into the Jabra Elite 2. Spotify, YouTube Music, and other apps can all be opened with ease using voice commands. You can also control other devices around you that are connected to Alexa. Sadly, voice commands can only be used with Android.

The Elite 2 is made in a way that makes it comfortable, fits perfectly, and blocks out outside noise. Although Noise Isolation on the Jabra Elite 2 is good and basically eliminates every sound frequency that can ruin your music listening experience, Elite 2 does not have ANC. Make sure to wear the earbuds correctly and get a snug fit for better noise isolation.

For the people who enjoyed proactive tasks and carry on with a functioning way of life, the IP55 Residue and Water Obstruction rating makes Jabra World class 2 an ideal friend in exercise centers, running, and cycling. Every call and voice command remain crystal clear with the setup of two microphones.

With the charging case, you get extended power backup for 21 hours and 7 hours on a full charge. The charging case can be charged once more with the help of the USB type-c cable that is included in the box. One of the best tws earbuds under 5,000 is the Jabra Elite 2, which comes in Dark Grey, Titanium Black, and Navy Blue.

Crossbeats Torq

best earbuds under 5000 with aptx

In the market, Crossbeats Torq has generated a lot of buzz. Crossbeats Torq is preferred by many users for a variety of reasons, including its excellent features, long-lasting construction, and reasonable cost range. This is the best pair of earbuds with an aptX audio codec under 5,000 dollars.

The earbuds are built with Titanium Drivers, which are compatible with a wide range of audio codecs, including Qualcomm Aptx, which can deliver high bitrate sound with a lot of depth and detail. Additionally, the wear detection feature of the earbuds stops the playback when you remove them from your ears. You will be able to hear every sound in the music with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz.

There are four microphones, two on each earbud, so you can take crystal-clear voice calls even if you take a lot of calls with them. The earbuds also come with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology, which works well for indoor calling but occasionally picks up some outside noise in extremely noisy environments for outdoor calling. For gaming sessions, there is also a low latency gaming mode. Crossbeats Torq makes it simple to play games with a latency of 70 milliseconds.

With the case, you can get an additional 36 hours of playback, which is pretty impressive. You can watch videos for up to 12 hours on a full charge. The Crossbeats Torq’s long battery life is also due to the absence of ANC. Wireless Charging and USB Type-C are supported by the case.

By and large at this cost, Crossbeats Torq is an extraordinary bundle that gives you incredible incentive for cash. Under $5K, you get wireless charging, the aptX audio codec, and touch controls. Crossbeats Torq is a good option to take into consideration if you’re looking for the best earbuds under $5,000 that come with such great features.


jbl c115 tws earbuds under 5000 india 1 585x585 1

The most recent version of the JBL C115 tws under 5000 can be found here. The C115 TWS is an improved version of the previous model. The headphones is controlled by 5.8mm Unique Drivers JBL drivers and you can expect the best sound quality under 5000. The earbuds are capable of processing music with well-balanced mids and highs, as well as deep bass and subbass.

The touch controls on the JBL C115 truly wireless earbuds can be used to control music, calls, and voice assistants. With different touch patterns, the touch commands respond in different ways. On a full charge, you can appreciate music for straight 6 hours and with the case, you get a drawn out battery duration of 15 hours. Using a USB Type-C cable, you can charge the earbuds for up to an hour in 15 minutes. Bluetooth 5.0 gives you a consistent, continuous association on calls as well concerning media.

The JBL C115 wireless earbuds have a great latency, so you can definitely play games with them. It is easy to wear for light workouts and only 73 grams in weight. Three additional silicone earbuds ensure that each ear canal is accommodated, allowing for long, comfortable music sessions.

If you want TWS earbuds for less than Rs. JBL C115, a top-tier brand with a price tag of 5,000, is an excellent option. Even though the JBL C115 lacked many of the features offered by OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme, the JBL Signature sound and experience make up for this. The JBL C115 are without a doubt the best wireless earbuds under Rs. 5,000 to accompany.

JBL Wave 200

best earbuds under 5000 jbl wave 200

The most recent set of the best earbuds under 5,000 is presented here. JBL is well-known for its sound quality and name. The JBL Wave 200 is no exception. You get a lot for your money and it comes in a great package.

Regarding the sound, the JBL Wave 200 employs an 8mm Dynamic Driver with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz. You will hear every sound in the music or video at this frequency. Because of its Deep Bass output, the mids and highs are clear and do not become muffled. At 100% volume, the volume rises quite a bit with 108dB sensitivity. I would recommend keeping the volume level between 50 and 60 percent for a healthy listening experience.

These JBL mini headphones under 5000 use Bluetooth 5.0 and support a wide exhibit of Bluetooth profiles like A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6, HFP V1.7. These earbuds will enable you to perform a wide range of Bluetooth-related functions.

Additionally, the JBL Wave 200 features Dual Connect Technology, which lets you select which earbuds to connect for calls or music. People who travel a lot and want to get a sense of their surroundings will benefit from this. One earbud can be connected in this case to take calls or listen to music, podcasts, etc.

The touch controls on the JBL Wave 200 make it simple to accept calls or to Play/Respite, Next/Past the melody. Voice assistance is also available when you activate Siri or Google Assistant. The all-over plan is additionally ergonomic and fits completely in the ear waterway for agreeable, delayed music, and film meetings. Splashproof also makes it simple to take the earbuds out of the water, around pools, when you sweat, etc.

Depending on the volume levels, you can expect 5 hours of backup on a full charge, and 15 hours of extended backup with the case. You will be able to charge the case for a second run with USB Type-C.

Overall, the renowned JBL Wave 200 earbuds are high-quality. The JBL Wave 200 are, in fact, the best earbuds under 5000 INR in India, taking everything into account.

xFyro ANC Pro

xfyro anc pro design review 700x467 1

xFyro asked me to test their brand-new ANC Pro Tws earbuds a few months ago. I gave the earbuds a try for a couple of months and wrote a thorough review. Here is the finished xFyro ANC Master survey.

I still use the earbuds after eight to nine months. It has nearly all that I really want to improve my amusement. In terms of the earbuds themselves, they come equipped with 7mm graphene drivers, and based on my own experience, I can easily say that the sound quality is quite impressive. The bass levels are profound and thick. In addition to the primary bass, you get a satisfying subbass.

The earbuds’ design is practical. It fits snugly into the ear canal and does not pop out even when moved vigorously. While doing the jumping jacks, I’ve used the earbuds, and they’re still pretty tight. You can always use silicone tips in a variety of sizes that are just right for your ear canal.

The touch controls that come with the xFyro ANC pro are very simple to use. You can even use a single touch to start the voice assistant. The Noise Cancelation feature is activated by touching and holding the right earbud. ANC is exceptional. It simply eliminated all outside noise, allowing you to enjoy pure music without interruption.

I charge my charging case once a week and can easily get 8 to 10 hours of backup on a full charge. I basically use it for an hour at the gym, two to three hours listening to music and songs at work, and an hour watching Modern Family at night. If you can relate to my routine, you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

The box’s USB Type-C cable can be used to charge the case, but any USB Type-C cable can be used to charge it. When you reach 10% of the battery, your earbuds will alert you to a low battery. The charging Case will likewise begin squinting light when the case is out of battery which is something to be thankful for.

The xFyro ANC Pro are without a doubt the best tws earbuds you can buy for under 5000 dollars. If you would like to give xFyro a shot, it also ships to India.


Therefore, these are some of India’s best earbuds under 5,000. Despite the fact that they are not, without a doubt, the best wireless earbuds on the market, you are getting the best value for the money.

If you don’t know which one to buy, the OnePlus Z2 or OnePlus Buds, which are good wireless headphones for under $5, can be a good option. Additionally, JBL is developing high-quality earphones for under $5,000. In addition, the Jabra Elite 2 are excellent earphones that support the aptX audio codec and Google Fast Paring but lack touch controls.

Any of them that meets your needs and budget can be considered. You can purchase any of the tws earbuds mentioned above for less than 5,000 yen.

Please let me know if you are aware of any other truly wireless earbuds in the comment section below. I will be going to add them to these best tws headphones under the 5000 rundown.

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